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Things that I hate in MW3

I hate:


The overpowered akimbo machine pistols + steady aim, especially the FMG9, which is too powerful by itself.  Use this with scavenger and sleight of hands (you can do this by using the specialist killstreaks), and you’ll make mincemeat of the other team.

The overpowered steady aim.  I’ve written this before: the second retarded way to play this game, and second in efficiency, is using a smg with extended mags, rapid fire and never aim down the sight.


The subpar maps. They are small, with many buildings, narrow corridors and full of annoying ****. I would like to point out Outpost, which must be the campiest map ever.


The spawn system. I understand that you’re making people spawn near teammates, without using fixed spawn points, but this leads to chaotic gameplay. I understand that there isn’t a perfect spawn system, but I consider the one from MW2 much better.


The underpowered and ridiculous assault killstreaks. I mean who goes for 17-th killstreaks Osprey Gunner in this hectic and chaotic game? And you’re working your ass off to get the AC130 to get 1 or 2 kills with it, because it so easy to get cover on these maps. And btw, is there spawn protection from killstreaks? That would be really retarded.


No native 16:10 resolution. Another step back from MW2 and Black Ops. My 1680:1050 looks like an elongated 16:9 resolution. Just watch how round is the sniper scope view: http://flic.kr/p/aNH7FZ


The underpowered guns. This may be a personal taste, but going in between Black Ops and MW2 isn’t good enough for me.

The moved back from the dedicated servers of Black Ops.


I’m going to stop now. If I’ll continue to think about it, I’m sure that I’m going to find other things. Nevertheless, there are things that I like about this game, like the specialist killstreaks and the somewhat balanced weapons, if you exclude the steady aim and akimbo play. But there are reasons why this game gets 2 on metacritic.com, and Activision must realize that if they don’t fix it, fewer people will buy the next Call of Duty. I know that I won’t buy it.

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    Hi there, I agree with some of your points and not with others. Your akimbo point, yes. Totally. Many times I've been cut down by a player within half a second but have sinse learnt to deal with it. Your aspect ratio point, again yes. Lucky for me I'm currently on a 16:9 monitor but in recent years was on a 16:10 monitor and got squashed pictures in MANY games. In your monitor's GUI is there an option that's named "Aspect" or "Upscaling"? Most monitors over £350 have this, and such a feature is good for old games or lazily coded ones (lol) because it keeps the aspect ratio of a resolution. Map size? Yes, ultra small compared to Black Ops and MW2 but saying that I personally didn't like 70% of MW2 maps anyway (design-wise). Unranked dedicated servers are another sucky shortcoming by the developers and their reasons about stopping exploits is just nannying. The phrase 'nannying' is understood in America isn't you? Unranked dedicated servers force players onto unresponsive peer-to-perer games from the console world/universe.


    Issues that really bug me are:


    1/ No way to communicate in public SpecOps games making them lonely affairs.

    2/ Has hi-res PS2 visuals that seem worse than MW2's from 1999 and Black Ops's.

    3/ LAN requires a permanent intenet connection.


    I still can't believe they left out communication in Spec Ops but having said that it's based on code from 2009 which had the same issue . Zombies mode in BlackOps had the ability to chat/speak!