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IW poor community connection


On B-Ops even though it was an ultimately broken game 3arc still took time to listen to the community.


E.g. When we were on a winstreak the game had a major malfunction and gave us a loss on domination of 1200-3, posted on the B-Ops forum and it was fixed by CutPurse.


Also on the B-Ops forum it was clear for all to see what was included in the patch updates. Currently it is just speculation as there is no post given by Robert Bowling.


Just feel that IW needs to up its game with on the community support side.

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    Robert Bowling said patch notes would be availible for future patches right after the most recent patch.


    Just because IW doesn't personally respond to what you want done doesn't mean they don't support the game. The fact is that they are 100x better with the support for MW3 than they were with MW2. With millions of people crying at them about stuff in the game, they aren't going to respond to every single issue immediately. It will be taken care of in time, so be pateint or go play another game.