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Elite - Clan tag resetting

I've searched the forums and didnt find anything specifically relating to this, so I wanted to throw it out there and see if anyone else has this problem. Our clan is level 11, which entitles us to the Gold clan tag. I go into Elite and change the clan tag to our clan tag. I save it, but it doesnt save. I back out and go back in and it's changed to our clan tag and up by my name is the clan tag in Yellow.


A few hours later, I notice that when I sign into Elite, the clan tag is gone and the field is blank again. So I have to redo it and go through the same process again. It seems to last for about an hour before reverting back to the blank clan tag.


Anyone else having this problem?

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    i have this same problem... i think only ONE clan is able to have the ONE clan tag,,, because when i put something like "abcd" "efgh" as clantag it applies and saves and it shows ingame... but when i try to put my clans actual clantag it just keeps doing the "save changes" over and over and if you save and leave it leaves it blank... so my only thought is that IW/SG has made it so people cannot have the SAME clantag as other elite clans so people don't get confused... which is kinda stupid if you ask me.. as our clan was made for the sole purpose to have 4 letters at the end of the name so that we could make that as the tag... but ohwell... now we just abbrivate the clan name so we can have our golden name.. and we too are also level 11 if you were wondering.

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      I started a clan called Crew3. When I go in game and choose to use my elite clan tag it blanks out the tag spot and nothing shows up by my name. But I can use the normal in game clan tag, but I can't use Crew3. I figure it is just elite glitches.