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Is it just Me?

I was thinking those words last night as I finished a horrendous 6-14 game. I hadn't done well ALL NIGHT, the best I could do was break even in a few matches playing with my friends last night. I was just about to pack it in, and something possessed me to play ONE TDM match alone, while my friend Forrest was still in the party (old Halo gaming buddy from Missouri).


I went 26-8, calling in two Recon Drones back to back, and ending with ten (10) assists. I did better in that one match than the dozen or so I played with my friends COMBINED. I didn't have this problem in Black Ops; I could usually pull at least double digits with low-end single digit deaths.


After that game, those words echoed in my head again: Is it just me? IW stressed that this game would be more about temwork than anything, so why do I seem to be doing better as a lone wolf? Team communication was spot on in Black Ops; I could call out enemy positions like no one's business, and Ninja Pro was an absolute god-send. Now, I can't call out anything aside from compass direction and obscure landmarks.


Has anyone else been through this?

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    Nah it's not just you, I play really good alone, and than when I'm with friends, 80% of the time I can't get much of anything going.

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      Good to know I'm not alone. I feel like I attract the scum of the community sometimes; in fact, I just played a game on MIssion, beating the piss out of this so-called clan, and one of them started lag switching. They almost caught up, but lost 65-75. Then, he tried to dashboard, but the host migrated.


      I have a very large distrust for the CoD community because of this; I almost didn't buy Black Ops after the horrendous BS from MW2. Then, the cockroaches moved to Black Ops; Treyarch kept them down for quite a while, but they eventually overran the game.