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Modern Warfare 3 is brought to the Wii, getting improved service to Wii fans, and we give them the middle finger?

If I was a game deviloper that was putting time and money to lower down graphics for a less worthy game system, I wouldn't be too happy to get to the forums and see how everyone says it's "so bad" and other games are so much better.


Really, by saying that they're waste our time is much more of a waste of time to them.


In world at war, what did we have? 4v4, 5 game modes, no chats, horrible lag, hackers everywhere.


CoD4 we actually got that game, one of the best CoD's to be released. Also making the game handle 5v5, more game modes and get the hotfix working. First time we got some sort of patcher for a wii game.


Black Ops we get the online voice chat system, and they actually managed to get rid of the FC system Nintendo always made us put up with as well as downloading patches.. The graphics improve, we get a lot more game modes, got zombies, they tried to add map packs (as seen progressed form an update, they had the "Change Maps" button avilable) this game has been the biggest improvement yet. The game obviously was laggy when it first came out, the survers took forever to find matches, lobbys always closed out.


Then they actually made Modern Warfare 3 for the wii, despite the fact we didn't get a Modern Warfare 2 (Didn't want it anyways)

What do we get? Survice with downloadable patches to fix bugs/glitches, extra attachments for the guns, a lot more killstreaks they claimed the wii couldn't handle before hand, much better graphics, the intense gameplay we missed out on for mw2, and the game is still getting updates trying to improve. Why are you guys ******** about this game so much? For wii fans, you really are taking things for granted.


When the CoD4 forums were still around, we really appreciated CoD4. We didn't give a damn about the lag shooting. We didn't care much for how the graphics weren't the best, or how we couldn't get voice chat or remove friend codes. We loved the hell out of this game, and it's still one of the funnest games despite the things that it lacks.


So seriously guys, you have what you have and whatever else we get we should really appreciate it.



And a little rant of my own..

Hardened really pissed me off in Black Ops anyways, people just spray their guns through the map and killed you from whatever you were behind, making cover completely useless.



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How I view you guys.

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How you guys view me.