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The wait is over


The BO: Zombies app has finally been released for £4.99/$6.99, with currently only two maps Kino Der Toten and 50 levels of DOA the graphics improvement is tremendous IMO. Ascension is coming out very soon, with more maps to follow - these will come in FREE updates, Five unfortunately is not yet available. The game pretty much is as similar as before but has BO guns, now there is voice-chat, helpful when playing an online game, you can now run and crouch, there's the 3 difficulty modes: Recruit/Regular/Veteran, the menu now looks a lot better, and has Damned as the menu theme. £4.99 and thats all it is folks, this is a must have and I will be getting this at Christmas no doubt. Activision have stated over time updates will be given to BOTH games, so this could mean there not finished with the W@W version yet...