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No Name Clan

2: Our Clan


We are recruiting members for the no-name clan. I couldn't think of a Title to give this so yea. Our clan name changes on the basis of our CLAN LEVEL. In our clan all we need are some pretty decent players who can help level up the clan. We would really like active players who communicate well and have a fun time playing.




2. Active

3. No raging

4. Respect other clan members

5. Make a good name online( Once in the clan you represent us )

6. K/D above 1.00

7. Absolutely no Dashboarding



Our Clan has some pretty good players and such. We are very active online. I am not currently leader of clan, but The leader asked me to make this to recreut decently skilled gamers. Please Consider joining our clan.


Our Can also has some tournaments to compete in, for fun. Some of our more competitive players play GB and other MLG games. Please support us in doing this and you could be playing with us in competitive Games.


Depending on the Occasions we could be doing giveaways, and such, during Holidays.


Contacts: Extractibility (XBOX) Online During Afternoons EST And Some Nights EST.


*Website will soon be up and running*