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Everything is unlocked, in dedi-server

it's just now really dawning on me that Activision has succeeded in keeping dedicated server as esoteric as possible. I think most folks don't realize that you not only don't HAVE to rank up to have everything unlocked, in dedi-server; and that unranked dedi kits, (or load outs if you will) wich anyone can create in the private match lobby and Save  to use in any dedicated server. are separate from IWnet matchmaking lobby system. and in fact the kit's that everyone is trying so desperately to unlock won't follow you in to a un ranked server so there is really no need to rank up if you want to play in an ADMIN'd dedicated server; with all weapons perks and killstreaks (that sever admin allow ready to use. just go to you private mach lobby; build any kits you like and hop on one of many dedicated server; where every one has the same advantage. (and yes by dedicated servers, i mean rented; not some kid "hosting" on mommies ISP)