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First Freeze


Not sure if it's worth reporting but yesterday was my first console freeze on the game. Completed a full game of domination on Map Mission, the score board displayed at the end of the match and then ... blank screen.


XMB would not display when pressing PS button on controller. The game froze my console, and, seeming and more people have been meantioning the issue I thought I would state that this is a problem that I experienced.


Date: 1st-Dec-2011 Time: 13:00hr approx. Connection: Nat 2 (Open) - 4 bar connection. Avg speed: 4mb (1.4 upload).

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    Yo, I have been experiencing issues with MW3 on the PS3 console and get a disc read error and game freezing. Some one has got to fix MW3. It's happening to other folks to can't be just me.?