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Weird EMP glitch


Im not sure how this hapened, but i was playing demolition with a couple of allies and i decided to snipe for the hell of it(i just ended up using my handgun, because everyone else in the lobby was quickscoping, and since i hardscope, i had no chance), so while i was aiming at someone's head, trying to get the shot lined up, enemy called EMP. When i scoped out, my radar was fine, electronics worked(except killstreaks). Weird thing is, i wasn't running blindeye or assasin. After i died, the EMP took effect on me. Weird, eh?

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    Cool story bro, I was trolling someone using the Outlook glitch while it still existed.


    Ran around in circles he ran out of ammo got mad and came out.









    I killed him. :D

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    I've heard the 'we've been EMP'd' or whatever message and felt no effects a few times, pretty sure I always use Quick Draw. There seems to be a lot of X does Y if you do Z in this game, like the no recoil using Overkill thing and the shotgun ext. mags thing. So maybe if you ADS and get EMP'd you're immune. This game is haunted.