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Hardcore Modes

Whatever happened to the Hardcore Ricochet modes?


I go into a hardcore S&D lobby by myself when my friends aren't online, and i get killed by some idiot shooting an RPG at the ground, or they throw flashbangs and disrupt everything.


MW2 Hardcore ricochet S&D was perfect because then anyone that wanted to be a prick had to go to HC team deathmatch and get massive respawn times, and then booted.


But not in MW3, they get to respawn the next round and do it all over again.


Why not make the games WITH RICOCHET, so people in groups of 1-5 don't get killed by that ONE guy who has no friends and only kills his teammates because he thinks he's funny.


Then all the parties of less than 6 players would be able to go there and not have to deal with all the little immature kids and/or adults.



Hopefully some of you agree.