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Disgusting MW3 compared to MW2 and previous.


Hi Activision,


How can you even think to make profit on MW3. It's completly disgusting how you change the best series to a newbie game in this generation of technologie. How the hell, you shoot 5-10 bullets on the ennemy... and did not kill him! And to see on his killcam only 2 bullets shoot of my weapon?

Also, How when you go hide yourself behind a wall and more...That in the killcam he can see you infront of him?


For sure... We have not to question ourself about this... You guys decrease the game to make profit.. to give access to all players to play. But if you do not know Activision... You're losing your big follower, Your FAN of the series of call of duty. We all waiting to buy this game.. And what you guys do? You killed the game so much.. Less damage, Fake latency bar, No dedicated servers so the game lag alot even if you have a good connection, Killcam ****** up when your not infront the ennemy.


Also, For KillStreak of support... How can you allow players to get IEM, Ghost napalm... In MW2.. There's were only 1 or 2 per match.. and now you can see 4-6 of those KS per match.. It's pretty disgusting how newbie players can use those KS when they are not talented to use it... It's like all veteran players from MW2 and previous are at the same levels on MW3.. It's horrible! We wanted to play MW3 to get more experienced of the series... but it's pretty sad how much this game are behing unplayable for hold players.


I dont want to make a sh*t, but seriously... MW2 it were BETTER then this! The Veteran fan of this game... Are ALL disgusting of those w/e updates...


I hope there will be an update to fix all of this...




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    I think it were just a rage times after getting killed because i was tired...


    But i think there's some way that the ping latency are down sometimes...


    I find out my mw3 problems too... My graphic card is pretty high and my screen too with my processor is a beast...


    And in-game setting, my graphic in advanced option were in native quality... I decided to put it at high... The best  quality option in everything.


    I played a couple time and were all the way better, no lag and a good gameplay and in a better quality.. Also when I did this... My NAT turn at Open... from middle.


    That'S pretty awesome!

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    Please tell me you are 9 years old, or VERY VERY foreign and English is like your 50th language?

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    So I'm not the only one who feels Like mw3 is a downgraded mw2.. Meanwhile I kicked ass in MW2, now i suck hard in MW3. Playing this game is like a nightmare, it feels impossible to aim with the weapons even with the "kick" proficiency. Even if I get lucky and hit somebody 10 times, he can still run away, and survive. It is also difficult to make difference between enemies and maps, because everything, and everybody has the same color, maybe i should enable the color blind mode. And in the end, the hackers arrive, making a total collapse of the game.

    I wanted this game so freakin' bad, I almost bought a ps3 and MW3, now I feel lucky, I saved that money, and will get back to MW2 which was perfect in every way, and forget about this one.

    P.S. for the grammar teachers: I am a Hungarian:)