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Who's the mug???


I just finished a game of domination in which my team won. I only got about 20 kills, but I did receive the dominator accolade for 'most points captured', so, not too bad me thinks. On the other team the top player got 54 kills. Amazing, right?!  After the game I get abuse from this guy (obviously he must have killed me a couple of times), going on about how great he was and all this crap. I point out to this dude that not only did my team win, but, I also played my part in my team winning.


I also point out to this guy that he was probably camped out behind a bin or in some bushes somewhere on the map picking off easy kills. I point out to this guy that he may have got a bunch of kills, but his team lost! So, what was the point of all that effort?!, cause he obviously felt proud of his kill tally.


So, my question is; who is the mug?


Me, with my lowly 20 kills (and my pile of domination point captures), or dude with his massive 54 kills and... err... a loss?!!

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    you will find that best part of the players in cod dont give a crap about the objectives just means more points for players like us

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    I had the same thing on Black Ops a while back.


    I got mugged off by a guy on the other team for being a camper coz they lost...

    I was actually taking the control points each time! So he was, of course, the mug on that occasion!!

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      I don't like it when guys should be playing tdm or ffa but go and camp in objective games. Sure they get tonnes of kills quick scoping hiding in a shadow somewhere, but they can't even be bothered to cover an objective and losses pile up. But then again kdr versus wl, everyone knows which is more important. Funny last night I was playing kc and there was a random on my team called randylovespandas. He was playing very well, getting kills, confirming, he almost always got first blood, he was a good player. But these 2 other jackasses on our team spent the wholes matches and in the lobby ragging on him. The big talkers actually didn't do very well compared to randy. Why be dicks like that?

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    I've had plenty of times someone on my own team would be that way. Once in particular I remember the guy just kept going on about his score and how he was having to do everthing himself and would be really nice if his teammates would help out. The guy didnt have one cap or defend the whole game.


    I relly think sometimes that it has nothing to do with the person tring to pad their k/d or anything like that ...... I honestly think there are people who are just hat stupid, that they dont understand how the scoring works in objective modes


    As far as your case, and who did better ...... your team won, thats all that counts.


    But if you were on the same team, its a question that shoudnt be asked. A good objective team has a nice mixture of cappers, defenders and killers. A lot of people suggest doing things with the game to discourage killers, but myself, as a capper/defender type, I want a couple guys on the team to go on a good killing spree. It makes my job easier.


    It is pretty common though, and I think it just has top do with the mentality stereotype ......... killers usually just have bigger egos and are loud and obnoxious.

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    You answed it your self, cos there ****'s, just mute them the other guy proberly did.

    but ur right there is no need, they were proberly just pissed that he is better then both of the put together

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    Lol all of these posts are so true but it had nothing to do with objective games, I was in a TDM and was using my specialist and was racking up the kills winning every match with the few exceptions and this dude some random as dude starts cappin on me and my friend saying we were sorry and how he was the best player in the game, (by the way the same dude went negative every game lol) and then at some point he started sending messages to my friend (not to me) about how I sucked and how he was going to get ME killed (which he didn't) and I was just like seriously.


    Then a few games later another dude starts talking mess about how good he was and stuff like that (lost the games too lol) and talked about how he was going to get the last kill on me (after they camped most of the game) he managed to get the last kill (camping in a corner with a throwing knife at the ready)  and he started you know boasting and **** but not two games later he was still talking mess. But guess who got the last kill now lol boy was he mad, I know this doesn't have anything to do with any of the other post it just goes to show that if someone is losing they will find the stupidest excuse (the digital sun was in my eye) to keep their ego together and they don't break down and cry lol