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MOAB Boosters?

Just beware people...They're out there. Today my group was in a game of Domination and one of our teammates (We had only 5 in our actual group) was running to someone on their team and dying. He was 0-27 when the other team called in the M.O.A.B.! The group leader backed us out of the game almost instantly so I didn't catch his name. We did report everyone in the lobby via "recent players" in hopes that they'll get busted for it.


I guess this is a WARNING to keep an eye out and also a thread for stories of times that this has happened. Is it a common thing? I don't play much "Core" and I know for a fact that it hasn't ever happened to me on any of my HC games. Not that the game type should matter that much, but I'm just saying. A teammate said that this is the 4th time he's ran into this type of shinnanigans taking place.


- vTc Goose

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    For me this is the main reason that the tactical insertion HAS to be removed completly from this and any future games because it mainly used to BOOST

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      Sad part is....He was spawning with us (On Mission) and just beelining to the enemies side and getting killed. You know that little walkway between A and C where there's a wall? He was running up that way from our spawn which was A. Any who...


      Tac Inserts can be of some help if used properly. I like the idea of them watching how many times you deploy one and die / kill...Then again, who knows.

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    I've run into boosters 3 or 4 times now in regular TDM.  Can't be certain they were boosting for MOABs since I didn't chat with them - but they were boosting for something.


    It is odd though....i've played every COD since MW and I've never ran into boosters in TDM before.  Dom, yes. Demo, yes. FFA, oh yea.  Never TDM....was a new experience for me.

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      In TDM it is an odd thing to see considering once you've achieved the given score the game's over. I've noticed a lot of people "Riot Shield" boosting in TDM of late. I don't see why people just don't earn their Riot Shield stats legitimately. I mean, my K/D is all jacked from it, but who cares...Oh wait! lol.


      K/D Matters! True story....

      ...*sarcasm ended

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    You reported everyone, just to nail two guys? Good thing you aren't in law enforcement...

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    I remember one time in MW2 I was playing HC/TDM and I had a player on my team aiding a booster. I noticed because I carefully watched the map in the pause menu and kept seeing him spawn far away and die...repeatedly. I found them, killed them both.


    I don't even know why you would attempt to boost in HC/TDM.