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Any "Founders" Feel Pissed Off at Elite Disgrace?

Ok, so to start with they said it wolud be rolled out in stages, and after a few days it was kind of working with a few bugs, then it gradually became more easier to use and we wer'e all told that Dec. 1st was the day they were targeting to have it fully operational.


Now, my PS3 is broke so Im relying on my PC to go on Elite, and low and behold, its a white screen that just won't load, anyone else having these issues on PC/Laptop?


So, as a founder I feel so aggrieved by all of this S#!T that whats the point anymore? I mean the Stealth Clown is off doing what he does best, being stealthy and retarded. No help from that lame excuse of flesh. (Someone had your kid , I feel sorry for that poor woman, cos soon her husband will be unemployed!...and shes married to 402, hate that!)


I know I only really got the founder for DLC and Theatre, but I would like it to work, cos my clan is just kicking off, and thats another thing they've stil left us hanging on, where are the clan operation, and where is the word that they're even coming?


Not even a message or a notcie to say on the site to say sorry for the downtime, wer'e working on such and such.


I do like this game, alot, but, Im already looking forward to Mr. Vonderhaar balancing, making improvements and generally making it a better more playable game already for BO2.


The longer this debacle/shambles/ridiculousness goes on, the more I lean towards 3arc as my favourite dev and just feel nothing but anger towards IW.