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    ilikedbomore wrote:

    PS- instead of MW3 i am switching to Final Fantasy XIII or Skyrim or even Black Ops, because these games wont send me into mental asylum

    Oh yeah, Skyrim will. It's filled with bugs, bullshit and other glitches. "What the **** was that ****" of year 2011. No kidding.

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    well that s well known thing
    oblivion engine or their new engine made for Skyrim, and games made in it, like Fallout serious, have always so many bugs, exploits, glitches


    but still, it s really worth of playing

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    Report on elite website. Klick support/contact us/ask a question. this seems to be more effective than stealth clowns twitter. write a few facts like time and map and of course the involved gamertags.

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    creaper21 wrote:


    I know you said you don't want to discuss weapon balancing, but I think most of us can agree that the Dragunov needs a buff. There currently no reason to use it over the RSASS. The RSASS has twice the ammo, less recoil, and more damage. IF the Dragunov does have some advantage over it, I don't know what it is as it's not very effective, killing in one shot only to the head.

    I'll pass this comment along to the weapons team.





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    Ugotstretched wrote:


    Why did they remove the lag come sation in theater mode?  I mean i would be having bad lag comp and would go back to theater to laugh my ank off.  But now its not there anymore.  Wish they could remove the lag out of the game as quick as they took it out of theater.  The thing that i hate the most is that the elite tournaments are  eing ruined by uneven connections.  Bad connection players are dominating

    Theater shows the exact state of the world that as seen by the server that server frame. There is no lag 'compensation' at play in theater. lag compensation occurs when client status updates are received at differing intervals by the server on client machines.





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    operator-1 wrote:


    @ G IH A IN ID II :


    Your polite & frequent interaction on this forum is appreciated. Please understand that, by now, we're way past "be patient." Call of Duty customers deserve more accountable answers & solutions instead of hearing things like "we plan to continue working on it, so just wait & see."




    The Call of Duty series has enjoyed billions of dollars in sales & MW3 is the seventh Call of Duty game to offer multiplayer on Xbox Live...


    ...After all that time, money, experience, & customer feedback, the performance & security of Call of Duty games should be getting better - not worse.




    Out of MW3's numerous defects, the "lag" issue (commonly referred to by many names, such as: lag compensation, latency, synchronization, hit detection, hit registration, net code, "Wanted" bullets, "a second ahead/behind," etc.) appears to be, by far, the most severe problem affecting the most customers.


    It might even be argued that this issue affects all MW3 customers - those who report having no issues may, in fact, simply be on the favorable side of this very same "lag" problem.


    It's conceivable that this lag issue is also a major contributor to other problems (such as weapon balance - a weapon's effectiveness is certainly affected by lag/sync circumstances).


    Most of us do not have this problem with anywhere near this level of frequency & severity when playing other games over Xbox Live (even other Call of Duty games).


    Judging by the frequency & severity of this issue, I can't imagine why the MW3 team would have any priority higher than fixing it.




    The kind of tweaking/hot-fixing/patching going on now in MW3 seems like the sort of thing that should occur pre-release (alpha/beta phase) rather than post-launch. We're nearly 3 months into MW3 (one-eighth of the 2 years' time it took to develop the entire game) & many issues do not seem to be improving much (if at all).


    If MW3's developers cannot duplicate this lag issue in their testing environment, perhaps their testing environment does not adequately mimic the live/production environment, or perhaps they should try different testing methods. Judging by the high volume of detailed customer reports regarding this issue, it doesn't seem like it would very difficult to reproduce.


    The developers are the experts/pros. The complexities of game development come with the job. Clearly something has gone very wrong if the beast has outgrown their ability to tame it. None of the game's problems/defects seem like anything multi-billion-dollar sales couldn't easily find ways to overcome.


    We continue to work on lag issues with our best network engineers.





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    Soracia wrote:


    @G IH A IN ID II


    You said you'd try to get into the specifics of the shotgun buffs on Monday.  The pellet count changes to the KSG and USAS were already known, but people were still questioning how (if at all) three others were improved. Since then, the only shotgun news was the news about fixing the tightness of pellet spray when aiming down the sight.


    Were there any other changes to the shotguns, or was the buff to all shotguns just the ADS change?  Consensus has been to run shotguns with the tightest possible pattern, particularly when trying to counter the sheer random behavior of MW3 shotguns. Even if the ADS change functions as described, the tightest possible pattern is still hipfire+steady aim.  The ADS change would offer another option, but I don't know that most people would consider it a baseline buff.


    Further, gioboom questioned whether the ADS change even functions as described. Considering other patch-related problems (and history of MW3 problems in general), if the extent of the ADS change was also mistaken, should the devs be keeping quiet about the specific details of patches in the first place?

    The damage and range/falloff have also been buffed on many shotuns. I'll try to get the specififcs when I go into the office today.





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    G IH A IN ID II wrote:

    Theater shows the exact state of the world that server fram as seen by the server. There is no lag 'compensation' at play in theater. lag compensation occcurs when client status updates are received at differrin intervals by the server on client machines.





    so the theater (first person view) is representative for what? my gameplay or my gameplay as perceived by the host? I thought theater is just local recording but if I actually can see host facts I have to go throu a view clips again.

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    esmorgue wrote:


    No i am not. Yet the spamming of this thread with what he has stated that he doesnt want to discuss. Is all that that is, spamming. i can understand that some what weapons to be better. yet it is a well known fact that connection is the key to weapons performing badly, mediocre, well. I Sniper Rifle should almost always be a OSK, but if the connections in the lobby are mangles than you will get hitmarkers. The same with almost all weapons.


    Just to be clear, I'm fine with people pointing out what they see as deficiencies in weapon performance. I'll make sure the balance team read this, but I'm not personally going to get drawn into the debate with comments like 'no our statistics show that the X is not OP'.


    I hope this clarifies things.





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    dedicatedserversplease wrote:


    Hey Ghandi-

          I had a quick question for you regarding dead silence.  On MW2, B.O, etc when you jumped down out of a window or off a staircase it was silent.  On MW3 it creates a loud thud thus negating your silence.  Is this the intended effect that was desired or could this be a mixup as well.  I play SnD and only use dead silence, so oftentimes when jumping down from a window my position is given away by the sound that is emitted when landing.  It is kind of ironic that the pro version of dead silence is no fall damage, but in order to use the pro version you negate the non pro version which is dead silence.  Kind of see what I am getting at.  It is like you only get 50% of the perk either way you look at it.  If you want to be quiet you cannot jump from any height yet if you want to use that perk to not get fall damage, you cannot be dead silent.


    Also I am hoping you got to check on the update as you stated yesterday.  I must of checked this thread 50 times today hoping there was an ETA listed.  Thanks Pete


    Dead Silence on falling should come with the Pro Version - no falling damage or sound. I'll check this functionality.


    I was OOTO yesterday so I'll follow up on the PS3 update ETA today.