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    Those minor weapon balancing items (PM-9, CM901, Dragunov, etc.) strike me as not-the-best-use-of-resources.  There are plenty of viable SMGs, ARs, snipers, etc.  Having 10 first-rate ARs instead of 8 . . . I can't see that as a huge priority for anyone.


    Underpowered weapons only become an issue worth addressing (IMO) when an entire class is underpowered (compare the relatively recent LMG buff).


    And the obvious remaining candidate for rebalancing is shotguns -- er, handguns.  The MW3 pistols, as pointed-out above, are useless in their present state -- the MPs outclass them in damage and RoF and swap nearly as fast (esp. w/ everyone using sleight of hand pro).


    Rebalancing buffs might include (I'd go further than Arcanine's suggestions):

    - cut raise time by 50% for all handguns for an extra-fast swap even w/o SoH;

    - fix starting ammo count when akimbo'd;

    - magnums do 50-35 damage (2-3 HK) / non-magnums do 40-25 damage (3-4 HK);

    - to balance among the three magnum handguns, give the MP412 a faster reload and the Deagle a x2.0 headshot multiplier.

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    Why was the MW3 Update Twitter page shut down today?


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    Arcanine2013 wrote:




    I have a simple proposal to make the Dragunov usable in this game(as I mentioned months ago).


    1. Increase its base damage from 70 to 98 (and silenced from 50 to 70)




    Blah, blah, blah, this was all you had to say.  I'm sold and believe your recommendations are rock solid.  It will let the gun compete while not being any more nooby then the rest of the Snipers.

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    zestroy wrote:



    Why was the MW3 Update Twitter page shut down today?



    Good question, community relations at their best here.

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    iif0xh0undii wrote:


    In regards to what? The shotguns? I'd say that you've received plenty of attention, though that is simply my external observation.


    Let's shoot a common myth down. They do read the forums. Let this progress naturally.

    Then why haven't they posted or had a debate with the members who seek a weapon buff in general?


    This is what irks me. We've given our reasons for buffing a weapon. But since they have decided not to, let them give their reasons.

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    Can we talk about...


    Blast Shield - especially in Hardcore game modes


    I'll use DenKirson's numbers not as the gospel, but because it offers a decent outline of the problem.


    Blast Shield started off as a piece of equipment in MW2. It wasn't very effective overall, negating 35% of explosive damage. It was a direct counter to Danger Close, but not much else. In Core modes, this meant explosives would still need to be highly accurate, but in Hardcore modes, it still did almost nothing. While limited in functionality, it was only a piece of equipment and usable for as long as you were alive, which made it a valid option and somewhat balanced.



    The Blast Shield equipment was modified into a perk by Treyarch in Black Ops, renamed to Flak Jacket. In Core modes, it had the same effect as the Blast Shield equipment from MW2, negating 35% of explosive damage. If an explosion were to do 100 damage to you, you'd only take 65. However, Treyarch realized that this made zero impact in Hardcore game modes since you only have 30 total health and that reduction still kills more than twice.


    So, they added an additional damage reduction modifier that takes effect in Hardcore games. In Hardcore modes of Black Ops, Flak Jacket negates 91% of explosive damage. This means the same 100 damage you'd take in core is reduced to 9 damage, instead of 65. Before anyone thinks that is overpowered, remember you have only 30 health. This change was enough to surive an explosive that hits the wall behind you, or a semtex that lands 5+ meters away. Yet, skilled players who shot their tubes directly at their target or threw their explosive on target would still kill a Flak Jacket user. On top of that, by making it a perk you had to sacrifice Ghost in order to use it. Hardcore was great.


    Now fast forward to MW3. The devs have decided to keep it as a perk for good reason. Unfortunately, they did not include the additional changes made in Black Ops that add a second damage reduction multiplier of 91% for Hardcore. This makes the Blast Shield perk completely useless in Hardcore modes, which in turn encourages explosive-spamming behavior because there is nothing you can do about it.


    As a lot of you Core players might have noticed coming over to do the Hardcore clan challenges, HC matches are often a plague of SMAW/RPG/M203/Semtex/C4 spam and very little actual weapon usage. In game modes like Domination and HQ, you can utilize the Trophy system to protect you briefly while securing a flag or point. However, unless you camp your trophy system all the time, you are vulnerable to death by explosive no matter how unskilled your opponent. A SMAW that hits a wall 20+ meters behind you will still kill you at full health.


    The irony of this is that the additional health and shielding granted to you by Ballistic Vests is more effective than the Blast Shield perk for surviving explosions in Hardcore.


    You gain nothing by giving up a crucial perk slot that offers amazing alternatives: QuickDraw/Hardline/Assassin/Overkill



    Not asking for nerfs of explosives. Not asking for nerfs of Ballistic Vests. All that needs to be done is to copy what already exists in Black Ops: a different Blast Shield damage reduction multiplier for Hardcore game modes.

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    I used to think the shotguns were as cheap as running around with duel wields until I started trying to use them. All of them are pretty tough to use except the striker. I was playing with the KSG  last night getting alot of hit markers and if you don't kill em on that first shot then your dead because they shoot to slow. Anyone that argues otherwise I challenge you to use just a shotgun for a few days anything but the striker.. It takes a whole different style of play to use them its not easy I can say that.

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    They should take a look to the PS3 forum (and seems XboX forum too) where there's been a siginificantly drop in the game performance in the last week.

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    PM sent in regards to a glitch with the Juggernauts.

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    If the high powered sniper rifles didn't get to OSOK to the chest with the silencer, I'd say the Dragunov in this game with same OSOK areas as the BO version, would actually be decent. BO Dragunov was just as powerful as the other sniper rifles w/ silencer (OSOK to neck and chest), and had the niche of having the fastest reload and draw/raise times, as well as mag size.. And if you could just teach yourself to aim fast and accurate for the chest for your OSOKs, you can compete against PSG1 users


    In this game though, the high powered sniper rifles.. Besides getting the OSOK to the stomach(understandable), they have the OSOK to the chest, which is pretty huge and puts the Drag at a more disadvantage, while silenced at least. The Drag being just as powerful as BO version is better than nothing though.