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The Und3rAchievers (PS3) (Pre-Recruiting for Bops2) (Events/Challenges/Ops) (1.0KD+)

Und3rAchievers is a "Mature" community based Clan for the PC/PS3 seeking new members to join us on Bops2(PS3)
We are a  bunch of laid back competitive community of gamers. We encourage co-operative and "Mature" game play in any game we play.

We got our start on Nov.14 last year with MW3. We have slowly been growing ever since and plan to do so in the future.

Our "end-game" goal is to have a community full of like-minded gamers playing across the board of games we play.

(*Diablo 3-PC)(*Torchlight 2-PC)(Sim City 5-PC)(Bops2-PS3)(*Dust 514-PS3)(GTA5-PS3?PC?)

*Game pending based on in-game population.

We are still a young Clan looking too grow much bigger and stronger.
U3A is looking to hit the ground running on BOps2 we want to win, we want The Und3rAchievers on the leaderboards. So come join us today for Bops2.


The Und3rAchievers are seeking Officers*

Clan Info:

Name: Und3rAchievers
Tag: U3A
Server: US
Leader: F-A-L-L-E-N-1- , DeezNuts007
Members: 40
Time Zone: North America "Canada/US/Mexico"

Founded: Nov.14th/2011

Website: Und3rAchievers.com
Facebook: Und3rAchievers

Elite Page: https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/192716


Our Goal:

1.) Attain 50+ members.
2.) Maintain a high ranking among the other Clans.
3.) Elite Clan Ops. (I enlist the Clan into every Clan Ops/Challenge)


Requirements to Join:

1.) A Headset
2.) 14+
3.) A Team Player

4.) 1.0+ K/D or Higher.


*Requirments to be a Officer:

1.) A headset

2.) 15+

3.) 1.3KD+

4.) Being Verbal

5.) A Team Player


*U3A is seeking officers to help out with the Clan on Bops2.

Duties would include; Forming Parties, Recruitment, Managing Clan Op's/Events, Keeping your "Team" informed.

Every Officer well be allowed to Make a "Team" for MLG and or E-sports, Your allowed to pick the name of the Team and enroll it into all the matches you want. (It's your Team).

I'll enlist the Clan into every single Clan ops and Challenge and well continue to do so. Since this is the main focus of the Clan, to be a laid back competitive community we'll do all the Clan Ops and Challenge whenever we can.



Are you a Un3rAchiever? Sign Up Today!


Website: Und3rAchievers.com
Facebook: Und3rAchievers

Elite Page: https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/192716