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Match WIns and Matchmaking


This is addressed to the developers but all feel free to share your opinions on this.


I no longer care about my winning percentage, and here is why, for example last night while waiting on a match i kept getting thrown into TDM's with either little time left or when the score is oh let''s say 7200 to 3300 and im put on the losing team, or how about when i am put into the match on the losing side after the match is over. If i leave game it counts as a loss then it throws me right back into the same match i just left.  I was thrown into a TDM already in progress 7 times straight, desperately hoping for a match to call my own.


So with that said is it possible, for future consideration (i hope Treyarch actually reads this) to not throw me into a match when the score or time has crossed a certain threshold, or not count it as a loss if i decide to leave a game im thrown into already in progress. I can understand counting it as a loss if you leave a game you started out playing but the current process illegitimizes win stats, for both losses and wins.


Thank you that is all.

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    I agree but it should be done on points as a game can finish early if the top points for that team have been reached, but yes it's well anoying to enter a game where you have no influense on the match outcome.

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    Would be cool if this could be worked out. Usually if I get put into a round that is about to end on the loosing team I'll just hang back and go 0-0 maybe shoot down some UAV's or attack helicopters. The only way to really work around this issue now is to stay in a lobby and stick with it and just hope you get on a better team the next round.