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Elite Clan RGiS PS3 Division looking for players.

Must be a team player and have the willingness to win. Stats don't matter too much just have like a K/D around 1.40 and a W/L around 2.00, something that at least shows you try.

We will play objective based game modes, Dom, SnD, Team Defender, and Demo for sure. TDM whenever we want to take it easy.

Mics are a must but eventually I would like it if everyone had a headset. If you dont have either and plan to get one soon let me know.

Eventually I would like to see if we could get to the competitive level.

If you have any problems or want to join but don't meet the requirements ask here or PM me on Youtube.


PSN ID: blackdragonzedo Youtube CH: http://www.youtube.com/314dragon