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The lag has gone mainstream

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    Hey Jesse thx for this ,  a great read. I wish there were more folks like you around please keep it up.


    Yours in CoD gallp13

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    A very good article indeed, good post.

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    no probs, just came across it ealier this morning

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    bumping this bcos I think its a must read for all cod players

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    Very interesting article.  Question for all the people that say the Killcam isn't an actual representation of whats going on, it's all in our heads and we are making excuses for being "bad"...  How do you explain the actual gameplay discrepancy of the first video, then?


    Another interesting thing to note: Camberley clearly sees Tel Aviv earlier thus having an advantage and getting the kill. 


    Camberly's Connection: Possesses a "budget" 3.5mbps ADSL connection, with 800kbps upstream.


    Tel Aviv's Connection: 15mbps ADSL with 800kbps upstream.


    Hmmm... so the guy with the lower bandwidth has the better connection???

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    I don't know about you guys, but I'm tired of being ****** over on my kills because like in the first video: I can shoot 15 rounds into a guy and nothing will happens. All it does on the kill cam is makes me look like I'm a bad player when its 1 vs. 1 on Search and Destory when I'm killed. I don't know why companies can't just have independent servers like BattleField 3, cause then less people would stop playing due to bullshit lag even when we have the best connection.

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    isnt that the lag comp 'assisting' the slower connection

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    Compelling and rich...

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    yep and this is why world wide online gaming will not work.  You cant have players from the UK playing against/with players from australia bcos it takes too long to ping data packets back and forth that far across the world.  This is why I get angry when people in countries like poland or ukraine want to play with people in UK bcos they bring lag with them.  Imagine u ar a UK player, ur opponant is in new zealand, but the host is in texas..lol that is what happens sometimes and its a mess


    when we all have korean type hyper fast connections then maybe international gaming will work, but until then I think it should be country limited at worse and city limited at best.

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