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    10-4. i'm set to locale. but still not quite sure i understand the whole, i'm pinging higher matches than my teamates, in the same party and i'm not the party leader?  could you explain a lil more for me?  i work for my ISP and i'm the one doing all the jerking around on our ports, but i speak and understand better in laymans terms...LOL!

    ok lets assume you have a full 6 man party

    everyone of you will have a slightly different ping even if as your described you're geographical close, on same isp ect, this is due to numerous factors, own network setup, routing ect if your in a party you also have to account for party chat traffic,all of these adds small amounts to the "snapshot" latency (ms)  what xbl uses when deciding matchmaking.

    so lets say 6 man party rough numbers not accurate at all but to give idea

    leader is used to select the lobby and finds one at 50ms in vegas, (they are in La and actually ping 40ms)

    4 of you are on the west coast so you also ping low a couple below 50 and a couple above 50 (which would show you as in the >75 on matchmaking

    1 of you is in texas and pings 76ms at the time the snapshot was taken so they show >100


    you enter the lobby , host is decided again as new people then joined, and suddenly the game gives host to the guy in Guatemala who joined at the last minute as its fubared. 

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    alright, i think i got the jist of it!  i am by no means a true "techi" but i do dabble with it some.  i mainly do support on our Video side.  trouble shooting is my forte!  we used to be a full blown copper plant and that was my thing, but we are rapidly moving into Fiber.  i'm sure you know, but totally different.  anyway, thanks mac!

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    maccabi wrote:


    djtn wrote:


    SmokeyCheese1 wrote:


    Why cant they just put a speed cap on it? Instead of compensating.


    Many people believe this is what is happening already. There is no way to speed up someone’s transfer rate so the only other logical option is to slow down the faster data transfer rates and "compensate" for the slower connected players. The problem is that the compensation is too severe, especially when you’re the host. It’s obviously only opinions as no one here knows what's happening in the game loop inside the IW engine but the IW/SH/TA developers.

    geeeus h flipping christ how many more times does this need to be said


    you dont have a faster or slower transfer rate past the differences between adsl and cable , stop confusing the numbers isps advertise as speed (x number down x number up) as speed they arent ,they are BANDWIDTH.



    thdunk thdunk thdunk


    No need to get your panties in a wad there Mac. I'm not a network engineer but I'm not an idiot either. When I say ‘data transfer rates’ I'm referring to the time it takes for the data packets to get from one point to another. If it was the same for everyone then we wouldn't be having this conversation in the first place. Dig?

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    I've had this issue probably more than anyone on here as of late. Not only am I dealing with it from CoD's end, but I'm also dealing with is from my own ISP. I've been in a bandwidth exhaust for the past 6 months and, for whatever reason, I'm still able to play Black Ops just fine, all-be-it 3 barring most of the times, 4 if I'm solo, I have great games all the time. In MW3, I'm most generally 3 barring while with friends, though on the higher end of a 3 bar. When I play with friends on here, I'm lagging like there's no tomorrow. The lag isn't always obvious until you watch a kill cam. I'm a fantastic rusher, but MW3 has forced me to corner camp just to increase my KD. This arrogant ass told me to stop slacking last night and start rushing, and to shut him up, I did. I went 16-29 with a Striker with Damage. Often losing to Type 95s in CQB, literally from up close. Atleast half of those deaths, I didn't even see the people.


    So if anyone says the connections are fine, **** off, because they're not. I love how we're in 2012 and they still haven't found a better way to ensure that everyone gets a fairly equal connection advantage lol. People think that just because they pay a little more for better internet or live in town or live close to COs that they're entitled to have an advantage over others and that's not the way it used to be and it's not the way it should ever be. Honestly, I think the game needs some balancing. I'm all for adjusting the game to the highest ping in the lobby. That's the only way to ensure that everyone's on an equal playing field. If one guy's running at 150ms ping, make the whole game run at 150ms. It's not rocket science. Give IW time to figure it out and they'll get it right....some day.

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