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EatMyBulletGaming RECRUITING for PC

EatMyBulletGaming. RECRUITING. Back and banging for 2012!




Recently reformed EMB Gaming is back for 2012 gaming session. The previous competitive squad is now returning as a SOCIAL squad to begin with. Formed back in January 2011, during Black Ops period EMB went 40 games undefeated due to the dedication and experience of ranking members. After being faced by cheating clans and a majority of inactive members, the squad decided to call quits. Now we're back!







Fluent English

Active & Dedicated


Active Mic

Live in EU (Sorry American applicants!)



*Not a neccesary but may help your application.



Currently, we are a social squad with no set dates. We aim to create a family in the squad of roughly 20 members. Playing most nights, on ventrilo, having a good laugh and perhaps undergoing a couple of skirmishers. Then to develop our squad later and perhaps take a competitive angle once again. Sound interested?

Our website is currently under-constructon.



Please add the leader, Diomedes, on steam for applications/further info: Legend508

or me: l_knuckles_l