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Anyone down to join a clan?

I've always been a slightly solo player till Black Ops came out. then I took more interest in K/D and got myself a ratio of 2.52 and was able to get chopper gunner and dogs 3/5 games most days. so I grouped up with other good players, but I've never been a clan person till now. I figured why not start a clan, play with other chill people and enjoy the game. My K/D is 2.01 right now but I'm getting better so its going up. I just wanna have some fun people join, not take it too seriously as a clan and have some awesome games. My gamertag is blaxican8

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    I honestly couldn't tell you my exact K/D that i'll manage to get in BO2 but I'm a gamer my nature. Played since I was 3, atari 2600 was my first system. (sorry for extra info) I love COD games, some more than others. I love comp. and I never shy away from a fight. If you want to add me i'd be more than happy to help out/ run with you in the clan.

    Names Jonah AKA-    XoNUKEx740oX on xbox.