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Bring All Maps To Free For All For The Crap/New Players!


After a discussion with various people and then contacting the live chat on this site it appears that not all maps are in the default rotations for FFA.  As I stated to the contact, this isn't fair on the players who are a. crap like me or b. finding their feet in the game.


You can use all maps in custom matches so why limit the rotation for the default games.  I am first to admit I am crap, but playing the various maps on FFA would give me some experience to eventually be any good in a team game on the other maps.


It appears that less than half the maps are in the FFA rotation so I am missing out on them by not playing team games, I am doing people a favour by not playing on their team but I really want to try some of ther excellent maps, which i have only been able to experience by wandering around on my own in a custom match.


Developers please rectify this!


I am on Xbox.