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Prestige Token Help

I'm 7th prestige in MW2 but I've only gotten my prestige token for blops and cod4. It doesn't even show up on my callsign that i played mw2. HELP!

(p.s. my k/d got hacked in mw2 now its like -214721903910 if that's the problem i want to get reset.)

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    I guess if its hacked then tough ****

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    The servers can take up to one week to be updated depending on if it has been taken offline for upgrades.  At this point and time they are upgrading the servers because they were not powerful enough to handle the volume of users that were present on opening day. Chances are you are being affected by this.


    As for previous call of duty games, pop the disc in and play a couple games.  This should help.  You should see your token appear within 24 hours.  When you play a couple games you force your stats to get updated on their server.  If you prestiged in COD4 three years ago the last information they have for you is three years ago.  Playing a couple games will cause your stats to get pushed to their server and it should show up. 


    I had the same problem until I did this.  Now I recieved all my tokens.