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    Amen. I never know who ishost anymore like I used to be notified. I have seen entire lobbies start off as red and yellow, then jump everyone to 3-4 bars.

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    Well apparently it does not update the stats when host leaves. I will have to see if the theater has the full match but last night playing S&D I went 11-4 where we had a host migration when I was 5-4.
    On Elite this morning my recent games shows 5-4.
    We actually had 2 dashboarders, one when we made 3-2, we were down 3-1, and the other in the OT when we launched 2 predators, had 2 care packages and a UAV. Within the first 15 seconds they were down to 1 player alive, guess what happened?
    Again I will look at theater to see if I can prove it, BUT I know this is what happened. And I remember being at 5 and getting my UAV, Care package and pred in the round that tied it at 3 which put me at 10 and gave me my streak rewards. I got one with a predator and didn't have a chance to set my care package.

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    dlundebjerg28 wrote:


    As you all know, one of the thing done in Patch 1.06 was "Preventing Stat Loss"


    Without reading much into the patch, this fixed a problem I never personally expereinced, but it clearly was a problem. I looked into how they actually did this, and I am so happy with what they did.


    Before, you're in game stats wouldn't register until the game was over. Now, your stats update during the game. What this means is that even if someone chooses to dashboard when their 0-20, that 0-20 will already have registered to their stats, basically meaning that dashboarding is pointless. Once people catch onto this, I feel like the entire dashboarding problem will be over. Great job IW!!!!!

    Its a shame they never fixed quitting or dashboarding in Mw3 or Bo2..This account you had should be reactivated.

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