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Yesterdays Elite challenge (TDM)

Hi there!

Yesterday I took a shot at the Lone Wolf Elite Challenge. I was enlisted in this challenge I could test it in viewing my actual operations.

There they wrote that they will release the results as soon as the challenge is finished (23.00 timezone Berlin, Germany).

Today I took a look at the finished challenges and it blew my mind: there was none, all the previous challenges I did where there all but THIS important one. So I thought: maybe I take a look at my showcase (where the prices I won are shown) and find something.

The result was the old famous message: Sorry but we have a high level request peak bla bla bla and I get thrown out of the menu back to the start menu (if you´re not logged in as a user).

This old problem exists only when I visit this location. Has anybody other reports to offer?