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The stand by glitch is back just had it happen to me in S & D

I was playing S & D with two kids that everytime you looked at them they lagged the game and then shot you in the head. On the last kill cam it was clear that they knew what they were doing since the guy lagged the game i was standing still and he did a 360 headshot to win the game. When we went into the lobby i was like "wow have fun getting your account banned."  and he replied "we have been doing this for 2 weeks and havent gotten banned yet."

   So they even admit that they have been glitching the servers for 2 weeks and they still havent been banned???


Gamertags are "Call Me Raphael" and "Call Me Goliath"


If someone from the MW team could do something about this i would greatly appreciate it. I am sure they have been reported a thousand times.