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Just Getting Disappointing

Ok, I don't want to sound like a know-it-all, or a jerk, or whatever kind of word that this would sound like, but...


SMGs and Machine Pistols (MPs) are really overused.


But that's not what I'm dissapointed about.


It's that pretty much every gun class is underused because of SMGs. MPs are fine, until someone decides to put Akimbo on it.


It's pretty sad if you use your secondary more than your primary.


Everybody likes the high rate of fire for some reason, but I don't see why.


I mean, Infinityward and whoever esle might as well just put like only 1 gun class in the game, sold it for $50, and it's be the same result.


UPMs with rapid fire, PP90s with extended mags or rapid fire, P90s with rapid fire, PM-9s, MP7s, but at least the MP5 is still balanced.


People running around with akimbo FMG9s, akimbo MP9s, akimbo Skorpions, akimbo everything...


I mean, you can't tell me you haven't noticed this already.


I've been in multiple games where everytime I looked at the kill-feed, all I see are P90s and PP90s, FMG9s and MP9s.


There shouldn't be something called a "good weapon" in MW3, it sould be your favorite gun, based on your preferences. But rate of fire has really taken over MW3.


I know you know this is true, and if you don't see it, you need to stop spending so much time on this forum, and go play the game that this forum is about.


So all I ask is to just spread the word. SMGs are just getting old. Sure, they are good guns, but seriously, I don't want MW3 to turn into an SMG and Akimbo MP dominated game.




Here's my solution if Infinityward or whoever ever listens to me.


The rate of fire, and dammage, have to be inversely proportional with eachother.


As in, as rate of fire increases, dammage decreases. As dammage increases, rate of fire decreases (at least just for the SMG and MP class)


Players should be rewarded for being able to aim and get hit markers with low rate of fire guns. Of course guns like snipers and shotguns (excluding the AA12) fit into this "rule" too, having low rates of fire, but really high dammage.


Right now SMGs have a high rate of fire and high dammage. Assault rifles have high dammage, but medium rates of fire. Do the math.


And I think it's time to get rid of the Rapid Fire and Akimbo perks. Either that, or they really need to nerf them in their accuracy a lot.




So I implore you all, listen to me. I don't need no recognition, I don't want any hate. But I think someome needed to start to speak up, so that maybe everyone else will too.


If you comment with hate, I won't respond to you. If you comment with a sarcastic hateful question, I won't answer.


As a gamer to fellow gamers, we need to step together on this.


SMGs are out of hand, and Akimbo MPs are making multikilling easy for anyone.


That's all I have to say, ending this message with a sigh of disapointment.




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    I don't blame you, i used to think that the UMP45 rapid fire was OP too, because of its past history. But then, yesterday, i decided to use the UMP45 rapid fire for a change. LOL.... I'm better off using a pillow case.

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    The only way to stop this being a SMG dominated game is to change the maps, people aren't going to switch to assault rifles when 9 out 10 gunfights are at close quarters. There are only maybe four maps that suit anything other than SMGs and even those have large areas suited to CQC.


    Infinity Ward said they were going to deliver a gun on gun game with reduced power positions and the ability to flank just about every position on the map, add in the erratic spawn system and you have a game where staying mobile is all important. Hence the SMGs.


    I have no problem with anything other than the dual FMG9s which seem to fire a solid wall of lead. All machine pistols should be in the SMG slot, forcing people to at least run them as primaries. Even with proficiencies the other SMGs are garbage at range as they should be, SMGs should drop someone lightning quick at close range and drop off at mid to long range which they do in this game.


    Instead of nerfing perfectly balanced guns like the UMP and P90 why not buff the assault rifles to be usuable on these tight maps? Increase ROF or improve mobility, something to make them a match for the SMGs

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      Voice of reasonable compromise right here.

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      The only way to stop this being a SMG dominated game is to change the maps, people aren't going to switch to assault rifles when 9 out 10 gunfights are at close quarters.





      However, the only gun listed that actually bothers me is the FMG9. Everyone else gets a shotgun to the face and thats all there is to it. Im sure you have some problem with shotguns though right? Too effective at close range for you stenaven?

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    I've personally used SMG in all COD games, its a personal decision, I feel comfortable with them cos I like running and you run faster with them. I'm using the PP90 without rapid fire (I dont find the need to use it, the fire rate is already fast). As a secondary I use machine pistol since is the closest thing to a SMG, but never used akimbo (dont like it really)



    Some times in a match I find most of ppl using smg's, some other times I find most of ppl using assault rifles and sometimes I find most of people using snipers...



    So I dont really see the problem, I mean, I agree akimbo machine guns are OP, but its not like everyone is using them, and even if everyone is using them then you have to adapt.

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    Stenaven wrote:



    UPMs with rapid fire WHAT? The UMP with rapid fire sucks.. It's best setup is surpressor with range PP90s with extended mags or rapid fire Yes very ture, P90s with rapid fire Again very true, PM-9s no... no just no. That gun is just strait up garbage, MP7s its blows with surpressor and is only annoying with rapid fire, but at least the MP5 is still balanced NOPE! If you put rapid fire and surpessor on.. jesus.


    People running around with akimbo FMG9s very OP, akimbo MP9s Very OP, akimbo Skorpions Are you kidding me?, akimbo everything... You forgot the G18's. I do not consider akimbo G18 OP due to the fact thats it's ONLY good attachment is Akimbo. Its small mag size with it's rate of fire also hinders the weapon. It also has a larger spread then the other MPs so you have to be close to get a qucik kill with the G18s.. unlike the FMG9 -_-


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    Stenaven wrote:


    PP90s with extended mags or rapid fire, P90

    Rapid fire doesn't work on the PP90M1, and the P90 seems like a piece of **** whenever I pick it up but maybe that's just me. It seems like I get a million hit markers but no kills.


    To be honest, I love how MW3 is SMG centric because I loved using SMGs in Black Ops but everyone else had to be tryhards with their little Famases.


    Instead of nerfing the SMGs, they should just buff the assault rifes.

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      I agree completely. I have 2 AR classes - one with the ACL and the other with the SCAR. My 3 SMG classes are built around the MP7, P90, and UMP45. I start every match with an AR class, but somewhere along the way, I find that my gun just isn't fast enough, even with steady aim pro for those surprise-around-the-corner encounters. I end up switching to one of my SMG classes. I love run-n-gun matches, but sometimes I wish I could use the AR like it was meant to be used. I suppose my alternative is to create an Overkill class with an SMG as primary and an AR as my secondary. I just like using other 2nd-spot perks more.

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      take off secondarys all together...i find people not only using mp, but the launchers. i freakin hate that automatic grenade launcher (can't think of the name) and it takes one rocket to kill a jug.

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        Secondary weapons make you change your tactics when engaging an enemy. You don't want to use them? That's fine. Your enemy does? Don't run back around a corner after you hear his clip empty - he's switching to his secondary. Don't like Juggernauts getting killed by rockets? The little intel quotes during loading says exactly how to take out a Juggernaut - kill him with a rocket.


        I hate playing against people using Akimbo secondaries - but you know what? It makes me change my tactics and I'm a better player because of it.

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    If you're expecting all SMG's are Machine Pistols to be nerfed, then you are out of your mind. If you're expecting everything else to be buffed, then you are out of your mind.


    MW3 is a close range game, therefore SMG's will be most effective. When IW chose to flatten the maps they also virtually eliminated the need of weapons with a longer range capability.


    You're going to have to accept it.

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      If this is a close range game then shotguns certainly need a buff. Too many times I've shot someone in the face with a KSG only to have them survive and spray me with their rapid fire SMG/MP. I used to have faith in pump-action shotguns, then I took an FMG to the knee.


      RoF seems to be the foundation of power in this game because of the CQC nature of the maps. All of this game's aspects draw players to fast guns and possibly even promotes spraying (what with all these narrow hallways). I want everyone to check their accolades, see how many "Most hipfire kills" they have, and ponder. This game isn't based on ADS skill anymore, simple as that. I'm still using ARs and LMGs though, I'm fighting the good fight.

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        yeah, I laugh on those comments about how this game suppose to encourage close quarters (I don't necessary agree as there are a couple of snipe sites in few maps and you some other few where assault weapons have a chance), when most of the shotguns suck (besides striker and AA12). In that regards most of SMGs are balanced, but shotguns aren't.

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          Help me out chile I can only think of 3/16 maps where using a sniper is a legitimate choice. In most maps there are AR beneficial areas, but for the most part they're all closer range which favor a SMG.


          Don't get me wrong I always use AR's, but I have to say I am at more of a disadvantage than the SMG guy because the SMG guy can avoid places where they get killed by long range while all I have when manipulateing the use of my range advantage (pretty much camping) all I can do is hope idiots come in my view and all i have to protect my blind spots is a single gaymore that can be countered by two perks.


          As I said this is an SMG dominant game.

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    Honestly threads like this is why i hardly ever read these forums anymore...


    Kids just complaning over and over again.  I think what should happen in the future is the DEVs should just put ONE gun in the game. NO attachments and NO killstreaks... MAYBE then everyone would be happy....


    I have played this game for 3 days and have played nearly every game mode. IMO things are fine as they are. I love the akimbo guns, i love the SMG's and i love using the Assult or sniper rifles on the larger maps. The maps are GREAT and I've been having loads of fun.


    Please DEVS if you do read these threads just realise its the complainers and moaners that ALWAYS have a louder voice.


    The rest of us are just enjoying the game...




    edit- Oh hackers SUCK

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      Herp derp, you are using it and enjoy them because of how easy it is to get kills with the guns.


      Some players who complain (me) want to play and face others who are using their skills to kill someone else, and NOT the guns they are using.

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        You say you have "skills" yet you're whining about how you get killed alot......


        Just enjoy the game and stop going by what people on the forums say.  Like tripper said, the minority is more vocal then the majority....

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          I don't see where I wrote I get killed a lot. It may have been implied, but I don't. I have a 2.4 K/DR. though I couldn't give a **** about it as it really does not show as much as a Black Ops playercard would.


          I do enjoy the game, but I think it would be just as fun as MWR if they rebalanced the weapons.


          I was one of the guys complaining about the Famas, AUG, and Rapid Fire (yes, RF on the MP5K and the 74U) before the majority of players complained, but I wasn't part of the forums before. It wasn't because those guns can kill me a lot, but it was because of how EASY it was to get kills with those guns.


          OP is not a gun that is powerful, but a gun that any noob can use to get kills like a pro, and if a pro can demolish the other team. I try to outplay people who use guns I believe are OP, and am successful sometimes.


          Anyways, enough about me. I would like to say I don't think I have mad skills, but I know I am 1st many of the games, so take what you will. I just would like to point out I'm not one of the users who creates threads like these. I post about what I BELIEVE, not by what others post here.


          Its always the weapons-related threads that get the hate for some reason. Anyways, the devs at IW realized some of the guns the OP listed are overpowered due to community feedback (on the PS360 forums). Its like when people make a weapons-related thread, people think the weapons are already perfect and the player sucks. Now get over that superiority complex.


          Thank you, have a good day.

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            Everyone in here is playing the same game, but only like 1% is actually complaing about the guns and their OP


            I get killed by those same guns you do, but I say it's because I failed at that exchange and got out-smarted, not because the gun they were using.

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              So you're telling me you believe (just an example) that every time you die by players using Akimbo FMG9s (not by lag or frame rate drop) you got outplayed?


              I'm not gonna say every time I die by certain guns is because they are OP, I'm saying half to majority of the time its because of the gun.


              This is exactly what I mean by people saying a player sucks because they believe certain weapons are OP. I don't think IW would be dumbasses and just listen to the complainers? No, they listen to the voice of reason.


              Second Chance in BO...people complained about it, I personally thought it was overused, but I wouldn't tell people they suck because I thought it was overused and they need to adapt. And now don't tell me its BECAUSE THERE WAS SOMETHING WRONG!!! If people can complain (constructive criticism, not spam or raging) about a perk, I don't see what is wrong with doing the same with weapons.

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                But what you're saying is if the enemy shot me with say an AK-47 or an MP5, I should still have a chance?!  No...I was out played either by a mistep and/or not paying attention to someone close enough to kill me with Akimbo

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                  I'm talking about what most people consider are OP weapons here, the AK and MP5 are not OP.


                  To me, the fact you will just admit that you will just assume you got outplayed by Akimbo FMG9s shows your ignorance. Not going to say you won't get outplayed by them, but you will just say you got outplayed just really means you will accept a death by a gun that can kill you at any range with one shot regardless of them even aiming at you. Yes, sounds ridiculous and a bit too exaggerated, but that is what I see.

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            lolwut? Superiority complex? I'm just calling you out on your BS. If you truly didn't care about your KDR, you wouldn't be whining about guns being "OP", and if you get first place "most of the time", you wouldn't find any of the guns to be an issue. 


            Stop begging the devs to make the game easier for you, People like you are the reason why the explosives are virtually worthless in MW3. I shouldn't get a ****** hit marker after shooting 2 rockets from my RPG at a guy. If Treyarch/IW was smart, they would just listen to the community about bug fixes and ignore them about everything else. So far the balance fixes they did in past games ended screwing up the games even more.

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              Calling me out on what BS? I don't care about my KDR, I'm just tired of the BS these weapons bring, and I truly am first most of the time, but at the sake of being frustrated during the game due to BS deaths. I could care less about going 10-15 if it was a really competitive game. I outplay someone, and then they just kill me with their dual machine pistols like its a shotgun. Could be lag compensation, that will cause that to occur.


              RPGs aren't weak in this game (you just need better aim lol jks), they are really good and strong. How is it people like me that made explosives virtually worthless? Are you trying to classify me as a spammer who b*tches about everything? I'm not one of those people who spam, I try to give constructive criticism that would make the game more enjoyable. The only explosive that I complained about was the grenade launcher. Everyone b*tches about grenade launchers in previous games. Now that they are similar to Battlefield's GL, they require you to have better aim to get a kill with them.


              I would like you to point out these balance fixes that screwed up the games even more. MW2, I think it was the Model 1887 was nerfed so hard it became "useless". MW2 was the only one I remember that caused a gun to be unusable, but MW2 had many flaws X.X. I am not asking for that to happen in MW3. In Black Ops the Famas & 74u+RF barely changed, that was due to little changes as they wanted them to be still "usable". That is also what I don't want to happen, I want it to still be usable, but not to the extent it is right now. If I recall correctly, in W@W, the MP40 I think was considered OP, but it wasn't as bad as say the Famas in BO, it had moderate recoil and not a high fire rate. For the PS360 version of COD4, the M16 was considered the best gun, though it wasn't easy to get 1 burst kills.


              So I want you to tell me how the games that had their guns nerfed got screwed up even more? And I want you to tell me this too...do you think every gun in this game is balanced? That is what it seems to me.


              Also, to set things straight, if you think I am totally agreeing with the OP, I'm not. The SMGs seem totally fine to me. My main problem is the machine pistols, the snipers are quite annoying, but that is my opinion that is arguable, the machine pistols obviously has something to them.

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        First, you have to out-smart your enemy. Then you kill him with your gun...seems like you are missing step one