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Why bother with a spawn system at all?


Wouldn't it just be easier to simply let someone respawn on their own dead body once the enemy looks away? It would have about the same level of success that the current spawn system uses. When 75% of the map is un-used, and enemies are spawning literally within feet of you, you really begin to question why it exists in the first place.


Honestly now, if you're not going to do it right, don't bother doing it at all.

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    They did it intentionally to make the game mindlessly and skilllessly fast-paced. Often both teams have the same spawn points.


    I think they should use the MW2 spawn system.. even if it means slower action.

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      I hate campers cry whine let me complain, i want a faster paced game.


      I hate this game its too fast paced yes we got what we asked for i am going to make post and cry any way.


      I guess i am confused they give people what they want, they still complain.

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        You can make a game fast-paced without making it based upon pure luck (Connections and Spawns). If the goal is to allow people to spawn close to each other, then they need to tone down the weapon damage so that people don't die before the game even updates them that they've been shot.


        The problem isn't people complaining, the problem is how the companies handle the complaint. They take it too far towards each end of the spectrum, instead of finding that nice balance in the middle.


        For instance, in MW2, shotguns were too strong for Secondary Weapons. So they make them primary weapons, but in doing so, make them weak enough that they should be secondary weapons. If they'd have left them with the MW2 stats (maybe slightly toned down on weapons like the Spas), then everything would've been great.



        But I digress. The spawn system sucks in this game, and it needs to be fixed. Hell, I was playing a match on Mission at one point, and we had A and B Flag captured, and despite most of our team being between A & B flag, the game actually spawned 2 enemies inside our spawn point, and gave them some easy kills.

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    I agree the spawns are that of a game of HQ Pro on Shipment. Anyone that doesnt know exactly what I mean doesn't need to play CoD anymore or again.