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Looking for a ACTIVE PS3 clan

What's up guys? I'm currently looking for a new clan since my current clan is not active at all.

I'm looking for a clan that DOES NOT care about K/D Ratios and plays to have fun and for the objective. Here is some info that would pretty much tell you about me and about my gamingc style.



»PSN: xFrostByte_-

»Location: West Coast.

»Age: 19

»Mic?: Yes.

»CoD Elite?: Yes the free one And i will not get the founders one.

»Game Style: Play to win (Play the objective)

»K/D Ratio?: 1.4 But i do not care about it.

»Favorite GameModes: Domination, Kill Confirmed and Team Defender.

»Least Favorite GameModes: Search & Destroy (I don't find it fun.)



If you would like me to join, Please send me a message in PSN.