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(360) "Gimme Them Tags" new KC clan. (Founders Welcome, not needed)


Hey guys, just got elite premium founder status, and made a brand new clan. It is level 2. The clan is mainly going to focus on just partying up and playing Kill Confirmed. With founder status extended to 12/13/2011 and you want to join a clan like this, this is the clan for you. Being a member of the clan you will be able to compete in Clan Challanges,Operations (Premium Only), and receive the benefits like double xp, gold clan tag, and titles. The requirements to join are atleast a 1.4 K/D (not asking for much) I just don't want to people that consistently negative. I'd like to only have people from ages 16-22 so I don't have a huge age gap. I'm not requiring you to be a founder it just would be nice to boost us up the ranks. Thank you leave your GT in post and I'll INV.