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Make your Status-DISAVOWED. We just hit level 20, we have not redeemed any clan xp yet. 6 hours banked so far. Founders that still have their 500xp for clans only at this time

im a founder, i created clan Status-DISAVOWED. lookin for other founders who want to reap the benefits without bull**** requirements that these kids have like 1.00 K/D 2.00 W/L yadda yadda... honestly between lag compensation and dropping in when the game is already won or lost, who the hell cares about stats anyway?


you a founder? havent given your founder status 500xp contribution to building a clan yet? youre in


everyone else unfortuinately is ineligable at the moment because this is currently the only method to rank the clan up


we will be holding off on redeeming any of the 2XP so all members can receive the maximum benefit, so if you join now you already have 6 hours in the bank, and many many more incoming


i dont care if we all connect and compete and practice and all that noise. i just want to reap the benefits the clan system has to offer, and the name doesnt suck. itd be cool if some of us or all of us do play on the regular but if youre like me youre a workin man and play when your crazy schedule allows... i wont boot anyone unless they dont have the founder status contribution, and therefore bring nothing to the clan, or if the vast majority agrees youre a douche.


we are currently 36 members strong, and we have a cool crew of guys here. ive played with quite a few of them, and weve had a good time. we have a good community on our clan message board, and every member is very satisfied thus far and agrees the best decision is to hold off on redeeming the 2XP for all members to benefit from


so PM me or post here if youre a founder and want to start at the middle and get all the benefits all the way up. ive gotten this clan almost halfway there, lets get it the rest of the way. ill get to all of your requests but i work mad hours but they will be sent out daily