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  • 10. Re: Split Screening is ruining CoD

    Lol really this is whats ruining Cod? not the fact that they just keep recycling games?


    Split screen is awesome fun, best idea Treyarch had and I'm glad they put it in mw3.

    I'd much rather play split screen with my gf or my mates than with the killwh0res and campers that i constantly see

    A split screen playlist probably wouldn't work, I doubt there is enough people playing split screen

    and you can imagine how hard it would be to host while split screening but maybe limiting it so you can only play GW split screen  might be a decent idea.

  • 11. Re: Split Screening is ruining CoD

    If you dont care what anybody says, why post???

    Most ridiculous post ever   

  • 12. Re: Split Screening is ruining CoD


    Beaten by yours due to the fact your not even on topic. Post Pumper.

  • 13. Re: Split Screening is ruining CoD

    I host tons playing split screen....ill tell ya what my partner and I did the other day....so we have been playing since mid black ops in the evenings (after 1700 we can do what we want at the station) so we played a ton and had a lot of lag...ie; hit detection and feeling behind the opponent......so MW3 comes and it seems like we are just a touch behind everyone and bullets arent registering...anyway we figure eh were at work cant  really ***** about it...........Sunday comes around and we can pretty much do what we want around the station and my parnter brought his PS also...we didnt know if it would work with 2 systems both running off the same internet.....what we found out was pretty crazy.........When we play 2 systems on the same net it flat rocks and is comparible to when I play at home which is when I am by far the best hardwired with good DSL....I think that the lag from the PS trying to compute 2 sets of info makes it worse for split screeners....keep in mind we have an open nat, 10mg, 15 ping so our internet is pretty good which makes us host alot...my point is dont generalize ....I guarantee over the last year I have played more split screen then probably anyone as we rock it on slow days at work for sometimes 12 hours....I never ever get that god mode feeling that you get sometimes when you know the connection is good....I do get that at home once in a great while and when we hook up both PS at work I get it once in awhile............Never have I had that while playing split screen..............................PS sorry for the stupid block these new forums are totally ****** and I cant start a new paragraph...........

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    am i the only one that remembers them saying split screen was a thing of the past at cod xp i mean they also said these were the biggest maps to ever be in a cod game which is a total lie but seriously split screeners usually lag very bad even in black ops. at least here we dont have split screeners both running marathon and lightweight pro's making things even worse. and hmm with the lag compensation i might have to plug in my second controller and just push x with my toe to keep em spawned so i can lag with everyone else

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    Well that's what I'm talk about. The fact that 2 people on one system, connected to one connection is the problem. I will not believe that they fully tested the quality of gameplay before BlackOps or up tothis point. Playing two systems on one connection via two tvs I can see no problem with as long as it is a decent speed.

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    weeble...get a grip bro..seriously ....Haaa...effin hilarious man......you should trythat and see how it works for ya...haaa...its so godly everyone should do it...kinda like op guns if its so great do it....ATTN: everyone...all you need to get a guaranteed MOAB every game is play split screen...better then a lag switch...better then the Famas...its godly and guarantees to improve your precious kdr by at least 8...... .....

  • 17. Re: Split Screening is ruining CoD

    well is it so out of line of me that when they have a huge event and they say things about the game, simple things like saying something isnt going to be in it. that maybe that thing wont be in it.


    lol but seriously ive seen people doing it. ive been in games with 4 split screen duals and where the person with a 1 after their name is 0 and 12.


    and i dont have a problem with op guns i would promote a game where all guns were 1 hit kill. i used to love custom lobbies on resistance where they buffed up the shotguns for 1 shot kill it made you be on your toes a lot more

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    I have seen tons of guys not playing split screen go 4-30 so whats the difference??  I am decent and have fired my game up after an 18 pack and gone 4-30 whats the difference??  My point is you never know..I also know that you would want my partner and myself on your team in a game of domination as we will be on top of every flag captured and probably be 1st and 2nd place on our team....I do think they should have skill based lobbies where you play people of your same skill......ie: .5-1kdr, 1-1.5kdr  etc....that way you have equal competition with you and against you...although the kid who has a .5 kdr could jump in a lobby and hand the controller to his brother who is a beast and that would be unfair so I guess we just have to play for fun (imagine that) and not let bad parts of a game ruin our whole livelyhood.........tough I know but try it....

  • 19. Re: Split Screening is ruining CoD

    nah i love split screen but i never let an unexperienced player play on my screen because it makes me do worse and they wouldnt be helping the team in any way but if the player is good id let them because it takes away a bit from my performance but enhances the teams performance as opposed to getting a random full screen noob that goes 1-13 in a tdm game

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