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Cheaters, Hackers? But this is unfair!

Wow. So I did my first operation yesterday and I got the Gold Badge! Which is great so I looked at the winner and ***! This guy, FuZionX InFerNo, had 405 defends in 3 hrs, twice as many as 2nd place. He is also Prestige 10 Level 80, he achieved that in 40hrs. He has a K/D of over 6+. Looking at his games he is around 1.5 but there are games where he is 93-1 but he killed the same person 93 times, it's the same 2 players in all his high K/D games. Total BS. That badge belongs to the 2nd place player, haven't looked at his stats but they seem more realistic.

https://elite.callofduty.com/career/xbox/c2ffd340ea3b71ca85a92bac5675e82d#/playe rcardmw3



So I looked at the games he played yesterday during the operation. He had 75-1, 71-2, 87-1, etc. all against the same two players. Private games count toward the operations as well? That's BS.