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Clan vs. Clan Playlist

How many of you would like to see a Clan vs. Clan Playlist, with all gametypes?


It could include a Clan Leaderboard and Ranking System, and Ranked Clan Matchmaking.


I will compile a list of some suggestions, feel free to add to it in the comments below.


How many of you are in a clan and would love to see this playlist?




Clan vs. Clan Playlist Suggestions:


  1. All Gametypes
  2. Clan Leaderboard
  3. Clan Ranking System
  4. Ranked Clan Matchmaking
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    i thought that when this clan section in elite was announced that they would be something like this where clans can compete aganist each in leagues, tornaments and competitions but i guess thats too forward thinking for them.

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    Come on guys/girls, don't you want better clan support?

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    Yeah, i like this! Me and my clan would love this, we were thinking and talking about this in slight detail.

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    I would love to see something like this bringing the competitive side of gaming to more of the CoD community would be great. I always enjoy gaming more when im playing for a tough win with my gb team. If only they would get the clan rank system to even work....

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    I'd much rather them spend their time on fixing ping and lag issues before they try to incorporate another huge new addition.  They've been struggling enough with elite, and gamebattles has been doing a pretty damn good job handling clan coordination until now.  Are you really too lazy to log on to a website?  What you're asking for is additional burdens to an already glitch-ridden system.  Maybe if they hadn't split up Infinity Ward this would be possible, but with Sledgehammer and Treyarch muddying up the MW series I doubt anything this sophisticated will ever again be feasible.

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      My point wasnt that Im to lazy to log onto gamebattles. Im frequently playing gbs as it is. Im was pointing out that a majority of the CoD community is not familiar with Gamebattles and that an ingame competitive/clan battles playlist could open up a casual gamer into a competitive one. I do agree that they should fix the lag before adding a major addition though.

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        You're pardoning CoD players for being too lazy/illiterate to go to a website.  It's really that simple.  And the current playlists ARE what open up casual gamers to become more competitive ones.  When you decide you want to be competitive you join the website for competitive gaming.  If you just want to have fun, you just play CoD.  I just think it's appropriate that it takes a LITTLE work to be recognized as a competitive team.  An in-game playlist will overly-saturate the competitive community with teams who don't know how not ready for the competitive community they are.  Teams that just formed five minutes before your team is put up against them.  And then they're wasting your time.  In my opinion.

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      Gamebattles really? Site is a joke. Problems with GB are

      1. Community voting on matches

      2. kids disputing every match because they are scared to take a loss, then you have to spend 30 mins to an hour making a support ticket and uploading video proof.

      3. Ip flooding

      4. Admins are 16 year old kids

      5. Gb could care less about there community and what they want.


      Would be great for Elite to come out with an in game playlist for clans to battle each other. This is a great idea and would be a huge part to the Elite service. Would be great to just get on the game and play against other clans with w/l stats auto recorded, and without the above garbage you have to deal with on gamebattles.

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    sorry not going to happen in this game, or with this version of elite. Maybe when elite 2.0 comes out... but hightly doubtful.


    Anyways clans are overated and the past, time to move beyond them.