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Will you be playing on Christmas day?


(There is an actual point to this so bare with me) Taking into account you probably own MW3 already, will you find time between the present opening, the Christmas Dinner or the falling asleep while the Queens speech is on to have a few games?  It might seem a little sad to play on the one day of the year when there's so much else going on but I want you to just consider something for a minute.  The game will suddenly be flooded by people who just opened a brand new MW3, they wont know the guns, or the maps, or the perks, etc so forget about Double XP, this will be a Turkey (very seasonal) shoot of the easier order so you'll be able to make an easy killing and rack up a whole load of points really quickly.  Or maybe as this is the season of goodwill so you feel sorry for these poor naive souls and give them a break so which is it?  Will you butcher the Turkey or will you butcher the noobs?