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Silencer affects rate of fire?

I haven't tested any other guns than the MP7, but it seems like it really slows down the rate of fire. Could this be an illusion from the supressed sound, or does it always happen?

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    Some silencers affect ROF and some affect recoil. Some affect both.

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      If this is a fact, then I think it should be showed in the weapon stats. Also something I forgot, it seems like the MP7 just randomly goes from fast to slow and vice versa, and I don't know if this actually affects the gameplay, as in the number of bullets fired into someone, if you know what I mean.

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        ROF differential issues like what you're describing for the MP7 w/o silencer are related to the Wii's processing power.


        I suppose that if you highlight/add the silencer, MW3 could show more than just a decrease in range in the stats box. However, I'm not sure I see the need for a change.


        Most "silencers" are really suppressors and most high-speed ROF guns must be slowed down to allow for the bullets to pass through the suppression chamber and not jam the weapon. Suppressors add additional distance and time to the bullet's progression through the weapon, and if the weapon's ROF was not adjusted, the gun would jam and/or backfire.


        Suppressors affected some weapons' ROF and recoil in Black Ops, as well.

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          It's a bug, not intended.


          Silencers didnt effect the firerate of any weapons in BO AFAIK

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            It did on mine. There was a noticable change for me when I used a silencer on the Famas, Aug, 74u, and a couple others (I can't remember them right now).


            If it's a bug, at least it's a cool one.

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              It WAS in Blops. And, it WAS intended. The big part of it is that irl, high-tech military supressors take gasses from the barrel, move them around, and push back the gasses comming out of the end to counter the shockwave comming out. This naturally decreases muzzel velocity, and the ammount of the gasses used to operate gas-operated fully automatic systems of the gun. It also, actually, should also reduce recoil, since many of them blow it backwards to reduce kick, and vent the gasses. Then, others that are older, lower-tech, use many baffles to reduce sound, just like a car muffler. This would increase recoil, and isn't as effective, but doesn't affect the rof as much. They're more effective irl on gas-operated/blowback guns and recoil-operated, while the others are better for semi-autos, except usually the 2nd are used for SG's, while the higher tech ones are used for sniper rifles, and more modern assult rifles and stuff like that. Most of the Blops ones were the more modern ones, but they should have been the older baffel style ones, just like the older style IR scopes. (They're supposed to be that freaking huge! I saw a video of a guy with an m14 with an IR scope from either nam or Korea, most likely Korea, and it WAS just as freaking huge as in Blops)



              Bottom line, it's how it should be, it's perfectly fine, an it is meant to be there.

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          So basically, the ROF is affected in a realistic way because the Wii's processing power has to process more information, hence making it slower? If so, it's no problem, no need to change it or anything, I just wanted to know if this was intentional. Thanks for the complex explanation.