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KIG Clan looking for RECRUITS

Hi guys!

If you are reading this then you have found the first step to becoming a member of an amazing gaming community clan, Killerinstinctgaming.com.  We are a clan that was originated for X-Box users; and now we are one of the fastest growing clans on X-Box live.  Because of our success in X-Box a branch is being created in the Playstation Network for players interested in joining the clan.  Our requirement is simple; that you are a fair and team player.  We want to have just as much fun as the other guys but we dont want to have to cheat or degrade anyone to do so.  I strongly encourage you all to check out the website to see what we are all about and if you are interested in joining our PSN branch feel free to message me on my psn - homeslice2011.  If you want to join the clan from the X-Box faction, definitely go to the website and send one of the recruiters a message, I am sure they are eager to see new people as am I.  I look forward to hearing back from you guys.  You can even comment on here as well if you would like but definitely send me a psn message if you are strongly interested in joining the Playstation Network faction.  Also, I strongly reccomend that you have a mic, it allows for better communication but if you dont have one it is not a big deal.  I also strongly reccomend getting the premium status because as soon as those new maps are released, it will be nice to know everyone in the party can play any of the maps we have available at that time.  Message me please