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Why do people keep buying call of duty games?

So, I was wondering why people keep buying these games every single year?,


Is it just out of boredom?,, Habit?, Peer pressure - (all your friends are buying it and you dont want to be left out)? or because you're a retard?, some of my friends think im a bit of a retard for buying Mw3 even though i got it new for cheap, because the games are always broken at the start and the developers always ignore the gamers complaints and feedback.


For me personally, and like many other people i know,, I wasn't going to buy Mw3 at all because of how screwed up Mw2 and Black Ops were and lack of dedicated servers, but i got it new for 25 so i thought "why not",, but before its release I watched and waited to see if IW would finally run their multiplayer on dedicated servers, but no, P2P all the way. and from Mw2 and Black Ops i have no love/respect left for IW or their games, (I know treyarse did Black Ops) and it seems to me that call of duty games just get worse every year (maybe because they're putting one out every year?).


So, knowing all the crap that goes along with a call of dooty title, why do you keep buying them?




When i get the platinum for Mw3, I'll be moving onto either, Killzone 3, Battlefield 3, MAG, and COD4 at the weekends, i just can't bring myself to play Mw3 beyond what's requird to get completion for the trophies, the game is still broken in my opinion and too much crap to bother mentioning.