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Looking for clan

My K/D ain't that great and my playstyle is far from proffesional.


I'm just looking for a clan that has people who just like playing the game


I have a mic. I like to swear (especially when i'm doing bad ).


Also: Bonus points for awesome clan name.

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    search Semper Fidelis MW3Clan PS3 on facebook, swearing is not an issue as long as it not aimed at anyone lol

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    forgot to add: I'm on the PS3.

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    Hey mate The Elite 786 has sent you an invite to join


    We are both fun and competitive and looking for new members so accept the invite when you get the chance and hopefully we will speak again soon


    Ps. swearing etc. isn't a problem lol

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    Heres a quick overview of my clan:


    Tag and name:     [Ga.] + Gamers Anonymous

    Gametypes:        TDM, Team defender + Kill confirmed. Core only.

    Rules:                 Must be 17+, mature, active, have a mic and from the UK.

    Gamebattles:       No but we do scrimages.


    Members:            Last count 11 full members

    Elite:                   Level 7 clan

    Founders:            We dont just take people because they are founders, it makes no difference to us whether you have founder or not. Makes no difference to how good you are at the game just because you spent £35 for the yearly subscription. We want our players to be active, skilled, genuinly nice people, talkative, fun and skilled at the game. We will level up our clan on challenges and clan operations, if we recruit people who we think will fit in and they have founder, thats great, if not, thats also fine.


    Elite Clan:    https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/76633

    Our website: http://gamersannonymous.webs.com/


    Add me on PSN: Spank2103 for more info or goto our clan page. Good luck finding a clan.