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  • 10. Re: Elite Clan Operations- We request an update!

    I just checked the Elite Status Page: http://www.callofduty.com/elite/toolbar/status.html

    and altho it's Dec. 13th the day they extended founder status to, the ClanOperations is still isnt live.


    I have also tweeted on their tweeter http://twitter.com/#!/CallofDutyElite

    and got no response after asking the status of Clan Operations, and this morning I tweeted again


    My clan feed page has people asking for invites most who are highlighting the fact they have 500xp to give if I send them an invite. I dont care about the 500 xp anymore I want to level up the clan through clan operations!!!


    Clans should not be a contest about which clan can rank the fastest by recruiting the most people, there are 53 members of the clan I startedall axiously awaiting clan operations

  • 11. Re: Elite Clan Operations- We request an update!

    I agree 100%.


    I don't necessarily mind having to wait for Clan Operations...but the severe lack of any updates in the past two weeks is knawing at my brain.


    Activision continues its dive into one of the most hated game companies of all time for the simple lack of communication they choose to have.

  • 12. Re: Elite Clan Operations- We request an update!

    We still dont have any update as to what's happening with Clan Operations

    I can understand if this was a free service, but when you have service fee for Elite and can not deliver to what you advertise as part of this service they ned to update us as to what is going on????


    It's been over a month, and the service to which we paid for is still not operating fully for what we have paid for!!!

  • 13. Re: Elite Clan Operations- We request an update!

    no it was 8th of November

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    Get the stuff going,  im tired of waiting.  Its even  more then a week ago when there was a status update about elite. 


    They should give us another free month. because there is already a half month over with totally no improvements.


    I cant even post on these forums with my normal account. How stupid is that!



  • 15. Re: Elite Clan Operations- We request an update!

    It is amazing to me that a great product can be produced and that the creators don't have a clue what the end user want's from it . The lack of understanding was demonstrated through there unpreparedness at elite launch. I understand the intial launch of an online service is always going to be like that. However, the demand becomes stable after a couple of weeks. I can deal with the fact that they underestimated the demand for elite.  Which is associated with the biggest entertainment franchise of all time  and they should have over estimated. The fact that they still don't " get it" is shown because they continue to roll out stuff that no one cares about while things we wanted... and paid for are still not available.  I can not except that clans and clan competions which are the most  wanted parts of elite are the last to be dealt with .No one really cares  about watching noob players compete on a terribly covered tv  competion no matter how "famous" they are.


    How could they ever guess that we would want to make clans with our friends and compete with other people.......... I mean grouping with friends online has never been a trend before,,, being competitive and wining prizes,,,,no one wants that,,,,,so go ahead and put that off until everyone gets competely turned off by the service...

  • 16. Re: Elite Clan Operations- We request an update!

    You know what else is amazing, in all these threads out there about clan operations/challanges not one game/elite developer has bothered to comment on the status.  They probably have not read any of these threads.  They have our money now they are done with us. 

  • 17. Re: Elite Clan Operations- We request an update!

    This forum is amazingly exactly how i've been feeling. I don't want to start a hate thing either but come on. We PAID for this. Sure they gave us a free month but that month has come and gone. It's not even so much the lack of things that were promised because I know/hope they are giving it 110% to get it running but the lack of updates are insulting. I to thought for sure we'd have an update on dec 13th, then the 14th then the 15th and so on. It's the 18th and still no update. I watch twitter and the the elite system has pretty much died. I believe that twitter is the only real way to get a hold of people in charge. I constantly tweet robert bowling and cod elite looking for answers. I love call of duty, I am a huge fan of Elite, I loved the beta, but I need the following.


    1. Another free month because honestly what exactly have i gotten that the free members haven't? I suppose i got to play in some operations(when they're not canceled)


    2. An ETA on clan operations because I usually hate new maps and bought this service for the clans and clan operations and thats it.


    3. Last of all I would just like to be treated like a paying customer. Okay your service has sucked so far, some people still have faith in it so keep us updated. DAILY!


    I guess my fear is that they don't give us updates because we would riot if we knew how long it was going to take for things to get running. Best case is that they are so close that they just want to wait till its there but i'm leaning more and more to believing my fear. I tell people DO NOT BUY ELITE UNTIL CLAN OPERATIONS ARE WORKING BECAUSE THE ONLY REASON WE ALL BOUGHT IT WAS FOR FOUNDER STATUS AND NOW YOU WONT EVEN GET THAT. and you know that this DLC is going to be their out for not having the clan stuff.

  • 18. Re: Elite Clan Operations- We request an update!

    1. There have been none.
    2. Only by recruiting other paid members.
    3. There's no way of anyone, paid or otherwise, levelling up the clan without recruiting paid members.

    4. Coming soon, apparently. Still.

    5. Don't use it.

    6. Founder status simply means you're one of us poor suckers who paid for it thinking we were getting what was advertised.

    7. This one I don't know about. I heard it was but it's Elite we're talking about so I think it's pretty safe to say it's not.


    With the way things are at the moment my advice is to NOT buy Elite. Mayve if/when they decide we deserve what we paid for, then you should. But right now, it's just a big waste of money, unless you want the assurance of the map packs. I assume they can get that part right, at least.

  • 19. Re: Elite Clan Operations- We request an update!

    Still nothing, I watch the twitter, I watch the facebook and still nothing, all I see are useless post about the Elite TV they have and Fridaynight fights. I dont care about that, I have a clan anxious to play Clan Operations, over 70 members in my clan, and we have nothing for them

    all I can tell them is to wait.


    This is bullshit, no update, the service status shows green, how is it green when the service is not fully operational??????


    As a clan leader, I encourage other clan leaders, and members to keep stressing on these forums our anxiousness for Clan Operations. Maybe, they will her our voice and do something.


    I hate being a clan whose Rank was only gained by recruiting a large scale of members, what about the smaller clans who are waiting and can only rank up higher with these Challenges, it's not fair to them as well!!!

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