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I think it would be a bad move if...


Infinity Ward did infact release this "Nostalgic" Map Pack that is being rumored as there first set of DLC. MW3 started out with all NEW maps, so I think it would be a good idea to make at least the first couple DLC all NEW maps aswell. MW3 already seems to be stepping on some toes and people still to this day complain about the cost of the DLC despite the fact that they have cost the same for the last few titles released under this brand. There is no incentive for people to buy a Map Pack that is filled with maps that they can play simply by popping in COD 4 or MW2. If they broke it up and released and old map in a few differant DLC with more new and fresh material as the majority as they did in MW2 then I think that would be a much better venture on they're part.


What do you guys think?