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Starting a new clan,wanna join?No needs!PS3 ONLY!

Okay so first up. Well i am new at the forum and i see people looking for a clan so im making a clan for them. This clan is going to be about team work and friendship,and you can join and nothing is  requeried.

Wel i know how to make a clan,but right now the "start a clan" aint there so i cannt make one, so this is for people who want to join when it is up. Everybody can join and leave, but after a while we maybe kick someone to get new people in. We will too kick you if your not a team player, dont listen to others, or if you hack or boost. We can take a joke but it dont go to far, and we want active people. We would too like to have an youtube account but we ain`t good at that part so we would love to get someone to that.

But one thing would be nice for the clan, and that is founders. We want to level up the clan to get benefits, titles,emblems and xp.

One problem, we ain't sure about a name so can someone help us out there? is you want to join this clan just reply with psn,a clan name that you like,clan tag and at least your favorite gametype so i know


We who want to start this clan is me (lightningboy123) and my friend (han_derre_jesper)

At least we are Norwegians, so we would love to have some more of us in the clan. Everyone can join but i would like europeens best because of timeline and stuff.


Add me in psn if your intressed and like team defender,or just want some private match with all kinds