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The best class ever!!!!!


Whats up my homies.... Delta 9 here again with a Best class tip... And this is a class that all of you should try out so I like to call it the MVP class and what you need to do is get the ACR 6.8 or Scar-L matters what rank you are... put a red dot sight on it then put Kick or impact what whatever work for you choose the Stinger missle then put setmex and emp grenade done. As perks choose Blind eye, Assaissn and sitrep when done put the support strike package choose CUAV, SAM turrert and EMP and deathstreak choose revenge hope this helps and comment back and tell me if its great. Delta 9 out!


and my gamertag for XBL is Xboxmaster356


UPDATE!!! give this class a try guys put the FAD with sliencer and MP9 ex-mags then put SOH, Quickdraw, Stalker. And then use the Assault strike package UAV, Care Package, Precision Airstrike.   


Hope this helps

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    RDS is a wasted attachment + ACR and the Scar have barely any recoil it would be better to go with:


    Scar + Extended mags + Supressor with Kick/Focus/2 Attachments

    ACR + Extended mags + Supressor with Focus/2 Attachments

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      I agree focus is a superior proficiency. It really comes in handy for head to head gunfights, esp if you're using a silencer and need those couple extra bullets!

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        I agree to with you guys all weapons have other great attachments and yes ACR with suppressor is beast and extended mags go great as well but this class is for other attachments to put on so you can do anything you want with this class so just try it out.... don't need to fight about it...

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    I like that class for a defensive role. I tend to not use the stinger tho because I always get shot trying to take stuff down!

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      Stinger is insanely powerful even without using Blind Eye.


      The trick is to watch for the Streak call where the game announces the incoming kill streak and then watch the horizons of the map for the incoming Helicopter / Strafe Run / Reaper / Whatever...


      If you do this effectively you can actually get a Stinger lock before the streak actually is on the map as it approaches and so by the time it reaches the map you've already let a missile fly either destroying it or causing it to take evasives and allowing you to ready another.


      It doesn't work 100% of the time, especially if the streak is entering the map right over you in which case you'll probably fire off the missile and then get gunned down but it usually guarantees that if nothing else you get at least 1 missile off before dying and half the time you just wreck the thing without consequence.


      Almost every loadout I have has a Stinger for this reason. It's an amazing way to get easy Kill Streak points for your own streak as well.

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    So.... Basically, run the same class that 95% of the players already run in MW3.


    Got it.  Thanks for the hot tip!

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      ok..... everbody should know that this is a class that everbody uses in MW3 ok, but this tip is for thoses who don't know about it and should try it out or that they suck at MW3 and want a class that will give them the same XP but for helping your team, but thank you all for the feedback and suggestions and comments and watch out for my next post for best Assault class!!!! Delta 9 out!

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    Type 95 Rapid Fire and Heartbeat Sensor

    Dual FMGs


    Bouncing Betty

    Portable Radar


    Blind Eye

    Assassin Pro

    Steady Aim Pro

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    I'm more of a Sub Machine gun type of guy. I like MP7, Ump, that stuff