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Some positive sugggestions for once, Read.

I was sittin and playing today, finally hit ninth prestige, and i was thinking about how fun alot of the old games features were, perhaps in the future you guys could implement the following, just some suggestions, btw trolls i love you.


-Perhaps add game new game modes such as

    -War, from world at war

    -Operations or something similar, i liked what killzone did with that it was pretty fun, although you wouldnt be able to do that unless you did a massive overhaul, not to mention idk if xbox could handle it without blu ray *not fanboying just stating

    - Old school free for all *From CoD4

    - 2v2 Cagematch

    - or any other game modes, im sure there are plenty of ideas out there, i know some people would enjoy infection online.


-Cut down on the invisible walls in future maps

   -i do understand boundaries and their reasons, but some are ridiculous plus some of the most fun i had in CoD W@W mw1 and 2 were just the fact that the maps were just fun to find sweet ass spots on or just thought it was cool period to be on a sweet vantage point, good or not, it was fun

-Set the spawns back to the old mw1 system and areas, i mean yeah people got spawn trapped, but it was a result of good teamwork, plus if its really an issue just sit back and build a campfire and kill the trappers that become impatient

-Not ******** about balance, or this perk is dum, this one is OP, but , alot of people liked grenades or explosives *mainly grenade launchers* just for the fact that it was cool to be able to use something like that, but you have made the rifle mounted so bad its unusable, not ******** about it but, a good suggestion is, make blast shield have much better explosive resistance and tactical resistance, and make tubes stronger, if people hate tubes enough they can put on blast shield or a trophy system, just one thing MAKE SURE YOU CANT REPLENISH THEM xD



i swear i had more awesome ideas, but im tired so i guess i forgot xD anyways, viewers, IW, Trolls, enjoy.