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LF Clan (1.96KDr/23% accuracy) Xbox360



Looking for a group of solid players to play with. A lot of my friends are either too busy to play, play Ps3, or just suck lol. I am getting bored playing alone and would love to just steam roll people in a team. I play mainly domination but can roll in pretty much most softcore modes with no problem, I dont like hardcore though. Looking for mainly mature individuals, I myself am a 22 year old male from Canada and a life long gamer! Currently doing a MSc. but still have time to play nightly, and some wknds (but I do head to my hometown most wknds to chill with friends). I am online right now, my mic is broken but I'll borrow my roomates if I need it asap. Please only recruit me if your clan is fairly active and has a good KDr. Gamertag is JGweebz