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is it worth it?


So I have the free version of COD ELITE, and for some time now have been pondering wheather or not it would be worth it for me to upgrade to the premium end of things. After sitting down and thinking about it it seem as though the only real benifit is that You don't have to pay again for the DLC. Now at the same token the premium is $50.00 per year which assuming I figured it correctly ends up saving you money on the DLC...


Average of 4-5 DLC per COD game @ $15.00/DLC Pack=$60.00-$75.00 (COD ELITE PREMIUM being $50.00 saves at least $10.00-$15.00/year)


That seems to be the only benifit to me, so is there any others that I am missing? Would it be worth it with the above savings aside?

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    just get it. plus u get 9 downloads each month

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    Dont waste your money!!Its not worth it because Elite dont work correctly and Money Waste 3 is a joke.

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    Nobody really knows what they will consist of yet, lets hope they don't disappoint. I bought the Hardened Edition so I hope I didn't waste my money.

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    They have not said what is in the DLC but instead of waiting for one pack every three months you get them once per month. So in fact you get them quicker with premium. Also, with the competitions (whenever they are fully up) the premium members can compete for real life prizes, not only the digital ones. Clan ops, elite vids, extra theater storage, at least one weapon camo (lame right now but I think there is another to come maybe more), etc.


    Most stuff is free but the monthly maps and money saved (clan ops too) are the reason I got the hardened edition.

    Curious how the playlists are going to work when premium member get new maps before their pack form and others in the lobby don't have them yet. Just won't pick those maps as an option???

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    If your going to get all DLC's then yes get it, if you wont get them, then proberly not, dont think you get that much from elite, unless you want to form a clan then you do need to be a primium member.

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    Strictly from a DLC point of view it makes sense. As you said, you save between $10 and $15, which is a good deal.


    From a using Elite point of view, I wouldn't. I have the free version of Elite as well, and it seems like minus the events and some videos you really don't miss out on that much. The premium version of Elite really hasn't worked since the games release, so spending money on it for that reason just doesn't make much sense.


    I guess it really depends on why you were buying it. If you're buying it to save money on DLC and could care less about the functionality of Elite, then go for it. If you want a fully functional Elite and could care less about the DLC then don't.

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    I did it for the one time charge plus the 10-15 bucks it will save me.


    I like being able to change my custom classes on my computer at work so they are ready when I get home.


    but worth is truely a personal statement. 20 pieces over 9 months. I did not want to have to pay monthly for the maps.


    I figure it will be 4 maps first month. and then 2 a month after that


    maybe one spec op and 3 Multi maps the first month. but Who knows until Jan-Feb

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    I did it to save money on the DLC in the long run it is worth it, i dont even care about the movies and events.

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    It is worth it for the DLC. I think could be even more worth it if they EVER get ELITE running right.

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    I just want to point out some issues with Elite, outside of the technical issues.
    For one, all that have paid for this service, think about the amount of money they are making off of your money right now even though they are not providing you the service you paid for.


    You are paying them for a service, there are going to be glitches I understand this, but how you can you screw this up? It took me 5 minutes to calculate in Excel how long it would take me to prestige. I average 24 hours per prestige, not using double XP, and when playing with friends that only play TDM or KC. It would be faster playing HQ.


    IF I use their Elite calculator it says 2.4 years. How could that simple equation be SO WRONG? What took me most of the 5 minutes was finding a chart with the required points. After that it was simple.


    So these people want $50/year, I understand the map pack is the cost justification for some, but they cannot even get a simple formula correct?


    Wasn't Elite suppose to be up and running 100% by now? Where is their communication informing users where they are? You paid $50 and are still not receiving the service you paid for.


    I would be extremely unhappy if I paid for Elite right now. They should be refunding or extending the subscription much longer than 1 month! I would say 3 months for every 1 month the service is not 100%.

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      I believe elite is not up and running 100% so that they could got more premium members before they open it up. Its funny you can level up your clan by inviting founders but thats they only way. Something not right there.

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        I am very disappointed in the paid version of ELITE.  I mean lets face it, Elite is nothing more than a glorified database.  And they still can not get it right and have made no improvements since a week from launch.  Which is ridiculous.  If your system is that unstable then you have royaly f'd up. 


        So if you are getting the premium just for the ELITE part don't do it.  The only thing that is keeping me remotely civil about the whole thing is at least I will get my DLC i was going to get anyway.