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Call out to the Devs Treyarch and their Thoughts?

First I appologise if this has already been muted as an idea as i'm not a troll!


I know people are having issues with this game and those issue vary greatly from person to person and also the importance of them! I have recently just started playing with a clan ( you know who you are) and after many discussions in game about the franchise in general and what seems to be different between this title and Blackops it occured to me that it could help all our (clans or no clans) causes if the developers agreed to jump in and join some games live with us to see what we are seeing by playing and spectating!


Now I don't mean just our clan but maybe they could choose any that has a large following who play together on a regular basis, the clan I play with have players from as far as Brazil, west coast US, East Coast US, Europe and little UK! so we connect with each other far and wide reaching so this gives a good demonstration on connection and ping and shows what game issues we have a what we all come up against during games.


The group i'm with also use a external voice chat so we could even chat with the devs whilst playing so the rest of the on line community are not involved! This could show to them the main issues that need solving, we all have an opinion as to what we think they are and we can have their thoughts on these issues.


i am aware that they do play the game on the (xbox) not sure about the Wii and PS3 but they may not see the issues we see all the time by just playing themselves as we know from tese forum some people dont think there are issues. As of yesterday some of these have become worse as pointed out as follows:


1) Spawn points

2) Match making in hard core or any mode when in a party being 5-10 minutes or more

3) glitching, people today were out the map on mission (wired fence area, on roofs of buildings)

4) Good old lag and frame rate drops

5) Ping/connection why has my connection dropped to 1 bar from 3 now?

6) Air support being useless, even if i did get a 3 kill streak with the strafe run (how)

7) Hackers, what measures are in place to protect the community

8) Allie lists and issues


You get the gist, what do you guys and girls think on this who run in a clan or on their own, am i wasting my time typing this do you think, do you think the devs will even consider this as an option? Can they even fix the game to play like black ops in terms of connection and match making?


Thanks for reading be god to hear your thoughts



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    Personally, I think its a great idea. Plus, they did do this in black ops once in a while in the begining, but for what reasons I don't know. But there was a presence for a short while. It makes perfect sense to me..

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      Hi Pauly01,


      Shame we have missed each other over the last few nights but I know the pain you have gone through in recent days with hacks and connection! last night for what ever reason was terrible for all of us, constant 1 bar connection (not the one bar that makes you dominate other 3-4 bars) then to round off I could not connect again later on to mp and it was showing 0 players on line!


      Thats when i gave up! i have been on to check this morning and i have been able to connect but still only getting 1 bar connection, not sure why this has changed with NO patch since the last from 2-3 bars i have been getting since launch.


      Happy hunting and keep with it, it has been fun and funny playing with the guys, ask Giogio and Sempura, Rik about my use of the javalin launcher last night, man i'm a noob with that thing


      maybe catch ya later bud

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        i dont think the devs will play with "us"...

        but if they do, please also consider to use the headset with them. it worked really good with blackops but here its a pain.

        half of my friends are using a teamspeak-server now although they own the headset.

        its like when you dont speak VERY loud sometims the voices dont make it through the headset (sry for my crappy english). i can see that my friend is talking but nobody can hear him. i always say then: we can see that you are talking but we dont hear you again. please speak LOUDER....

        and then we can hear him. we never had this problems while playing blackops.


        about your connection problems....

        did the whole party dropped to one bar?

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          Hi crazzitt,


          We use teamspeak and its good, i have never owned the official headset but heard mixed opinions about it's performance! you may wel be right about the devs not playing with us bit there are a lot of people on this forum who people listen too so maybe the devs should give them consideration!


          Pauly01, padeago, Kweegle (where is he)! i'm sure the devs want this game to be a success as success means more money, more money means better performane and support from nintendo, sony and microsoft as well as activision.


          They need to sho that COD is still the best as they are losing customers to EA on battle front series, if they show that they can go the extra mile then people will say yes the games has issues but they listen and talk to us to resolve what they are able.


          I have faith patches will continue to come but by talking to us the gamers and seeing what we exprience will help them develop the best patches so overall everyone should be happy.


          The connetion last night dropped for all 10 players to one bar, it may just have been a server issue yesterday?


          Thanks for your response

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            Wii admin doesnt even post here, what chance do you think you have of getting the DEVELOPERS to PLAY the WII VERSION with YOU so that WE can get fixes? I'd say next to a 0% chance.

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              Well you can never say never! but the sad thing and the point you make maybe true! but I thought it worth making a post just on the off chance that they may read a consider this as an option! the clan i'm part of is the ofc/OFC which is 30+ and 40+ year old gamers which may be a group that they could consider talking with as i'd like to think we are old enough and been around the gaming block long enough that our input could help for this title and any more titles in the future for nintendo wii or more likely wiiu.


              But the truth is that they may think they can solve the issues in house without the general public in-put. I know which issues are there because I trust the people I play against but you never know if some of these posts are just made up from people wanting to moan about something that just does not exist!


              This is probably the last game for the wii as it's nearing the end of its life so maybe the developers think its not worth their time and resource when the big cash cow for them is the Xbox! I won't take anything away from them because in a month since the launch we have had 2 much needed patches which is great so a big thank you to them and may this continue!

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            the headset isnt really working like it should in my opinion & all my friends have the same troubles.


            its really a shame.. i paid 25€ for the headset



            i think they already lost a lot of costumers. many of my blackops friends have sold their mw3 game and most of them wont buy any new cod games they told me.

            for me, mw3 is also the last cod game.

            even if they fix now most of the problems, its too late for me.

            i tried to explain it in a different thread why i feel like this.

            its like when i go to a restaurant and there is a hair in the meal... its not cool but bad things happens sometimes. but if there is a hair in the meal 3-4 times in a row, i will never ever eat there again.

            i wont buy a cod game for the wiiU or any other system... im really done with them and activision as their puplisher.

            i have to pay here in germany 60€ (78$!) for mw3 wii. i dont expect to get a perfect (no glitches, bugs etc.) game but what i expect that a game is playable the moment i buy it.


            they really messed it up in my opinion


            about the connection..

            i never wanted to post stuff like this in public but i dont mind anymore.

            i have found way for me to not beeing host the whole time. i host 99,99 of all my games but now i could make the host change after the game.

            the thing is, i have to make everyone lag like sh... for 1 WHOLE match. after those matches, the host will normally change and i wont get kicked out of the lobby. it doesnt work if the whole party only lags for the last seconds or for half the match. i really have to do this the whole match.

            it was the only way for me not beeing the host the whole time and my friends were fine with that because they know, that i dont rage so easily but hosting was and still is a big pain.

            maybe someone tried the same when you were in his lobby?

            but i dont do this anymore.. what i even hate more than lag are host-ragequitters. everytime a host quits a match, everyone will get a loss in their stats but i "love" my win ratio too much lol


            but what i still do sometimes..

            if i see a constant red bar player in the game and he doesnt leave after the match, i make everyone to a red bar player himself.

            yesterday i played with some friends and we met some of the K9 guys. one K9 player had a constant red bar connection and we couldnt kill him at all. we attacked him from 2 different directions but he manged to kill us 90% each time.

            so i asked my friends if i should all of us make to a 1bar player and after i started my downloads, at least my friends could kill him again without a problem.

            although it sounds strange but it was more of a fair game then than before.


            i know that others are doing the same and normally i would consider this cheating but what can we do?

            almost every freaking time a descent 1bar player joins the game he begins to own.

            i never have a problem to get a (alomst) fair beating but this??


            ah man.. i need to stop . i could go on like this the whole day i think.


            see you


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              Fair point Craszitt, i'm uk based so paid probably 55 euro £40 for the game, I never expected a perfect mp because I have played them all waw, mwr, blackops and they all had issues, blackops had some major issues similar to this game and they eventually fixed them!


              Do you no what! I think they are greedy in trying to make too much money and develop the games too quickly! a new game every 2 years would be better then every year, at least they could have double the time which may give us a perfect game at launch as all the problems have been ironed out!


              But the people at Activision want bigger profits but your right in that they have probably turned a lot of people away forever from the cod titles because they do not provide them with the service! I know that they state in their brochure that the MP is a bonus but everyone knows 90% of people by these games for the mp experience!


              If people quit and give up on playing then the only winner is Activision as they have had our money already, we need to keep shouting so they fix it and people stay playing, new players are out there too.

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    A wild dev has appeared!

    Paul uses paragraph.

    Its ineffective.

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    Devs have won the battle.